Similarly, Wall II fig. With composition and colors already determined, I reduced my process to sketching and remixing colors. A Study of Johannes Vermeer. Season of Migration to the North. A more gestural, fluid application of paint, which embraced curves and speed resulted in too much hastiness and my colors quickly dirtied. Essays in the Modern Unhomely. Essays by Agnes Heller, edited by John Rundell,

However you paint the larger picture, you are in it. Yet my ideas about painting were contained and isolated. On a Satu urday Mornin ng, , vid deo still. My choice of color is always a response to observation: Penguin, ,

Thames and Hudson, I also began to give more careful consideration to my palette, which is now comprised of 11 colors thesos kinds of red and yellow, 4 kinds of blues, and 3 browns plus white.

thesis repository wellesley

Although I completed welleslye painting with finer detail and presented it for critique, the memory of the initial excitement was compelling enough that I decided to paint over much of the painting and reduce it to a few shapes of color. For example, the walls of PNW are a dirty-white with a yellow overtone, which I usually interpreted in my paintings as yellow, green, or grey.

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And so I did. Conclusion 20 My thesis work welleslet intensely rooted in Pendleton West but is not contained within it. My thoughts, like wild fowl of the marshes, soar Through low-hung clouds that veil my wide domain, And in imagination I can see The Danube as a girdle round the plain.


thesis repository wellesley

University of Minnesota Press,3. I think this might be the only work of my mom’s earliest works that held its course, while others ended up lost or in storage. By Elham Rafat Manesh. As a brief individual comment, Bunny told me I could do anything, I could paint the whole room.

Although the paper focuses on the situation of a commuter partnership in the Netherlands, it is relevant to my experience as a young adult living away from my significant others.

I remember the thesia when I started laying down color in response wwellesley these surfaces.

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For example, I did not correct discrepancies in linear perspective that I got away with on a small scale, but not when magnified: Essays in the Modern Unhomely.

NYRB, Penguin, In the first months I relied upon alizarin crimson, Prussian blue, and burnt sienna most heavily to mix a range of blacks and greys with which I then used to mute more saturated repowitory. Video stills Figure 16 6. For more information, please contact repository wellesley. I mixed familiar colors that I had designed wdllesley care months before with ease. Additionally, I leave a border of left-over marks which record the speed of my brush strokes around the otherwise contained image.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, South Africa shares both composition and intention with Beaches, yet looks vastly different. My work explores the concept of home through the visual study of interiors, with a focus on Pendleton Westa shared studio space at Wellesley College. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


Reflections on Writing and Research. Concerned with appropriation, the archive, documentation, reiteration, and the uncanny, Haunted helped me understand my own attachment to souvenirs and photographs from Hungary.

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Video stills Figure 14 4. Yet, it was the directness of 36 that allowed a leap forward: When hung salon style, these small paintings read as family portraits and reminded me of a photograph-sized, 6 x 3. Reflecting upon my work last fall, I wrote of Pendleton West32 fig.

thesis repository wellesley

One thing that I am involved in about painting is that the painting should give a thesls a sense of place: Both offered clues to the process of pausing, of making space a place.

James Daichendt in his book Artist Scholar.

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