The design is based around an oval freestanding bar illuminated in the centre of the space and becoming a focal point and place to meet. The 42 lasercut steel arches are in position and ready to accept the timber cladding in order to form the new pergola which sits as a backdrop to the Vila. Locally sourced rough cut stone creates a base where the main entertainment spaces are located, supporting the lightweight concrete structure above which accommodates the bedrooms. Initial structural works have started on site, strengthening and reinforcing the existing buildings with the aim to preserve as much of the original architectural state as possible. Vila 13 apartment completion.

Apollo restaurant and Ouzeri bar revamp. The clients vast collection of art work almost became the main inhabitant for the interior design of the house and gallery. The concrete works have been completed for the entire house and the project program of the interiors finishings is well underway. It will be assembled in Cyprus fully, as a finished product, then dismantled and container shipped later this July to the vila in Montenegro where our team will complete the assembly and final finishes on site. Vakis Associates has just completed the masteprlan for the Columbia Plaza mixed use building located in the heart of Limassol old town. Due for completion in the coming month. Interior finishes and materials have been referenced from superyacht design combined with hidden lighting features and high lacquered timber.

The project for a large family Vila is progressing through to the tender stages and soon to be mobilised on site in the coming months.

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The elevated site has unobstructed views to the Pentedaktylos mountains during the day and the lights of Nicosia town at night. Each pavilion is constructed from lightweight steel structure which is coverered and weatherproofed by a custom PVC tensile fabric material.

Designed in response to the local weather conditions, the new restraurant introduces bespoke designed canopies which take advantage of the sun and waterfront site, creating cool vakiw shaded dining environments both during the day and at night. The combination of timber paneling and cladding, whitewashed furniture and vibrant soft furnihshings creates the rustic limasslo required.

Media and public were present and the positive support for the project was televised and limassool. Courtyard House Breaking Ground February Site preparation is currently under way for the breaking ground of a private sqm.


VAKIS ASSOCIATES Architects and Designers

Villa Rezevici Phase 2 Continued. Tenders to the contractors have just been submitted for a private residential villa located on the outskirts of Limassol.

Construction work on site for a private listed house located in Limassol Old Town is due for completion in the coming months.

thesis limassol vakis

A new style of healthy food restaurant, inspired by Hawaiian cuisine, has been completed by our office for our existing clients, Columbia Restaurants, in Limassol.

Phase 2 of the project is currently under study, involving further external landscaping works with the insertion of pavilions and a new guest house. Vakis Associates studio is happy to announce its 3rd place award for the Ioannidea Offshore Race held in Limassol bay over the weekend, competing with over 30 yachts from across the island. The design is derived from the formalitites between the public and private spaces that the client wishes to enclose or otherwise open up towards the south facing sea view.

In addition, two large wooden shutters fold back on to themselves and reveal the handrafted panels which reflect the zodiacs of the family members of the house.

Construction work on site for a private villa located in the outskirts of Nicosia is well underway and due for completion at the beginning of Vakis Associates has just completed a retail complex located on the high street of Limassol Old Town. Vila Rezevici Handcrafted Door Completion April Recently completed in Montenegro is the design and installation of a custom made entrance door to an existing vila. Thus creating an open plan dining area which is covered by bespoke tensile PVC fabric canopies, immitating the forms of sails on a yacht and creating a cool sheltered environment during the summer months.

Apart from the buildings, all external areas have also been landscaped and designed to create a green oasis with large trees and secluded sand pit areas right on the edge of the sandy beach.

The building design aims to utilise the existing terain to create a terraced architecture with long overhangs creating natural shading and framed views towards the green surrounding landscape. Among our office practices to generate new work is the ability to discover abandoned buildings and places with significant values and to offer prospective investors and close collaborators the chance to suggest ideas for their refurbishment and reuse.


thesis limassol vakis

Vila 13 apartment completion May The design studio has just completed an apartment conversion in htesis existing garage space of a luxury vila in Pissouri. The clients love for yachts is used as the concept for the design of panoramic open plan living spaces with marine like detailed features. Apollo restaurant and Ouzeri bar revamp. Located in a dense neighborhood, the architectural proposal was thesix elevate the living spaces from the street level and with the use of cantelevering slabs, create intimate entertainment spaces at grade level.

Limestone Vila Planning Application.

THESIS furniture showrooms, cyprus: PROJECTS

Early studies explore the envelope of the building designed as an eroded stone wall made from laser cut stone forms and taking reference from the surrounding archaeological site. Award for Biological Sciences Campus December We are happy to annouce that the practice has been awarded an Honourable Mention for the competition entry for the new Biological Sciences Campus in Nicosia. The external works on site at Vila Rezevici in Montenegro have been completed and delivered to the client.

Vakis Associates is currently working on the sketch design stage for a private home located in the heart of the historic site of Amathus, Limassol. The final external works are currently taking place restoring and conserving as much of the original character of the building with the subtle intorduction of modern interventions. Panoramic Lift Observation Point Completion January This recently completed 10 storey panoramic lift located in an existing 5 star resort in Pissouri is design to assist the circulation between the lobby reception areas and the cliff edge vilas located on the mountain above.

Listed Town House on site. Lightweight timber pergolas and tensile fabric canopies create a play between shadows and daylight in the main pool courtyard of the restaurant.

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