This work plan will be drawn up in close consultation with your main supervisor. Students should deliver their final report more than 5 working days prior to the presentation. Additionally, faculties have limited hours or are closed on weekends. CIE-1 and to contact the graduation coordinator dr. The meetings might provide you with extra inspiration, but an optimal result is only evident when you prepare your own opinions and questions. Enjoy your research and the student life at TU instead of just rushing things.

CIE-1 and to contact the graduation coordinator dr. Therefore, you have to make an elaborated time planning, to be approved by your supervisors. Have you ever googled yourself? For certain topics additional demands, like specific courses, can be required by the main supervisor. This new search engine reveals so much more.

Students can choose a steel or composite related topic on the website of Steel and Composite Structures and contact dr.

Master Thesis

In the last-but-one meeting you need the go-decision from the committee to prepare the final report and presentation. These intermediate meetings are at strategic moments e. Good time management prevents you from sticking at the first parts of your work and loosing time for the remainder. Condescending Professors — TU Delft accepts more unqualified students than it should. Would you recommend to study at TU Delft?


It is a voluminous assignment, which must be accomplished individually, independently, within the planned time period and finally it must have a sufficient quality. Abspoel, he will inform you who your main supervisor will be during the master project.

master thesis tu delft citg

The date for the final presentation is set then as well. That is to say that, I did take more than 2 years but, as a retrospective, I believe that I did, prepare me for my working life.

It may be adjusted during the period of work according to new insight. Veljkovic, your main supervisor, a second supervisor from a different chair, dr.

Graduation Portal (Thesis project) v.2

So, felft Professors including me in Computer Science: Answered Aug 18, Studying for the GRE? Here is proof that they are aware of this: The master’s thesis can be seen as the masterpiece by which the student shows being worth the MSc degree of Civil Engineering. Meticulous planning is required to finish it in 2 years. Try our GRE prep free ctig Often, the problems appear to be more complicated or the different steps take more time than estimated in advance.

At home you have complete freedom in choosing your study hours and in organising your work according to your own wishes. What are some helpful tips for students starting their first year at TU Delft? The curriculum is offered in nominal two years, but … it is a Technical University.


master thesis tu delft citg

You will have to finish all your courses on time, and most likely, go for a 3 month internship instead of 6 months tyesis also start your thesis exactly 1 year after a year of joining as thesis takes up 9 months of your time.

The thesis project starts with a project planning, to be mawter down in a plan of work. As Henk Koppelaar mentioned, it is a Technical University, so it is not supposed to be easy. There are various student associations study and international where students choose to do either a full-time board year or a half-time board year.

The reasons are many:. The next step is to limit the project.

master thesis tu delft citg

Lack of study space on campus — for more than 20 students there is very limited study space on campus. AI send you out to industry for your Thesis work.

Only after approval of the work plan, and depending on the intended approach of your project, prof. Houben and possibly a company ty. First month and start meeting: Just click the link to enter a name.

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