This shift to an interventionist approach was largely born of the grudging acceptance that the so-called refugees of the immediate postwar period were establishing themselves in the colony. Growing up Chinese in South Africa Johannesburg: Routledge, ; David Shambaugh eds. She is looking forward to doing meaningful work on this project to further the conversation on migration and humanitarianism. I was struck by the narrative of progress in the postwar period for all these settler spaces though this is less so for South Africa.

There was a variety of information available about how to do this. They were generous not only with their time but with their candour in discussing their views on the history this project describes. Part of the outside interest came from authorities in Taipei and Beijing. The initial lacklustre campus response, as manifested by the AMS deliberations, may have prompted university officials to undertake an intensive information campaign to acclimatize the student body to the arrival of Sopron students in their midst. In June , students once again turned to foreign countries for shelter and support. Routledge, , 7.

Certain stories also challenged what I was thinking in very important ways. They have been defined diswertation historical processes and rethinking what they mean in the present cannot wish away how they have been controlled in the past.

University of Chicago Press, In the aftermath of eissertation Second World War, governments around the world, with the support of national and global humanitarian organizations such as the Madlkoro Jewish Committee and the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRCcame together and enshrined the principle of human dignity in the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the goal of ensuring that the massive violations to the sanctity of the individual that took place during the Holocaust would never be repeated.


After the colonial government proceeded to shut down sympathetic left-wing newspapers in the colony, which criticized how the comfort mission issue was handled, the matter became the subject of significant diplomatic tension between London and Hong Kong.

Switch to classic view. Nevertheless, they diwsertation only direct the discourse so far.

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At the same time, the political seepage and the physical proximity of a population deemed of interest to the international community informed the context in which discussions about refugees in the colony took place.

And to us they look for this opportunity. That all signatories, including white settler societies such as Llaura Zealand and Australia decided to take the most restrictive option tells us a lot about how states sought to keep their responsibilities as narrow as possible.

David Rieff, A Bed for the Night: He is a curious student of modern history because of its insights into the world he has grown up in. Brill, ; Tuong Wu and Wasana Wongsurawat, eds.

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It seems that many of the same dynamics that animated movement into Hong Kong were repeated here. Sandra and Robert were able to shed additional light on life in Hong Kong as they both moved there before moving to Canada.

Early research on immigration issues overlooked, or glossed over, the value of information circulating amongst networks of people, assuming that people moved primarily as a result of financial and political incentives or disincentives. In turn, permanency leads to kadokoro of disseetation authority. Palgrave Macmillan,2.

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There is insufficient attention to how the refugee identity is embraced, negotiated lauga ultimately adopted by migrants themselves.


Late, because the event took place fifteen years after the repeal of the Chinese Immigration Act inan Act that had effectively banned the entry of Chinese migrants for over two decades. Hong Kong Council of Social Services, The fate of Chinese migrants who moved to Hong Kong from to was therefore intimately bound up with questions of authority and territoriality that were specific to the colonial and Cold Dissertatin contexts in which the government of Hong Kong operated.

laura madokoro dissertation

He is also involved in activist work in support of temporary foreign workers and refugees. Public Policy and Public Concern Montreal: Chapter Six surveys the changing legal landscapes in Canada and New Zealand from and Such coverage was not accidental. The government saw in mavokoro students the opportunity to train and then gain highly skilled workers. Chinese University Press, See the conclusion of A World Mission: Princeton University Press, Following on this introduction, the first laurq establishes the theoretical framework of the project by exploring the world of the migrant as it intersects with the world of the global humanitarian.

laura madokoro dissertation

Authorities in Hong Kong therefore avoided imposing controls on mainland migrants for as long as possible. The literature about this early period is remarkably positive and sweetly nostalgic.

One faculty member recalls: Nijhoff, Instead of traditional relief work, there was growing interest in development projects and donors were directing their support elsewhere. There is still much work to be done in this area.

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