Surgical pathology of the GI tract, liver, biliary tract, and pancreas. The overall higher rate of severe pouch complications in patients with IC compared with those with UC and IPAA may result from the heterogeneity of patients designated as having IC in different series, such that they frequently represent an admixture of patients with UC and CD. A granuloma is defined as 5 histiocytes or more and everything else is not a granuloma, so microgranuloma probably does not exist. Ileal pouch—anal anastomosis in patients with indeterminate colitis: The more recently developed drugs especially the immunomodulators azathiaprine and infliximab 22, 34 used for CD can induce mucosal healing.

Findings in uneven disease pattern in indeterminate colitis from Price 6. Indeterminate colitis in the spectrum of inflammatory bowel disease. We think you have liked this presentation. Ileal pouch—anal anastomosis in patients with indeterminate colitis: Anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae mannan antibodies combined with antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibodies in inflammatory bowel disease: Gledhill A , Dixon MF. Also used to increase time between attacks MP:

Avidity of neutrophils for crypts, unlike CD in biopsies and fulminant colectomy specimens. Medical treatment can have profound effects on mucosal histology, but the effect is highly variable.

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Gut ; 50 suppl 3: Some may have colitis that cannot be subclassified into UC or CD therefore labelled IC despite investigations at referral centres by dedicated multidisciplinary teams of gastroenterologists, pathologists, and surgeons.


It is important to ascertain that the intervening mucosa is uninvolved, and if so not to assume that the disease is CD. They defined transmural inflammation as lymphocytes in an aggregated pattern in all layers of the colon, including the serosa.

The diagnostic difficulties may explain the variably reported prevalence of IC. It may be difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish ischaemia from IBD histologically.

Relative rectal sparing and skip lesions are not uncommon at initial presentation in pediatric patients with chronic ulcerative colitis [abstract]. Chronic inflammatory bowel disease in children and adolescents in Sweden. Scand J Gastroenterol ; Histological patchiness and sparing of the rectum in ulcerative colitis: Pathology of the colon, small intestine and anus.

Excessive diarrhea causes electrolyte abnormalities Monitor intake and output. This CD-like variant exhibits all the histological wlideshare of CD, including transmural lymphoid aggregates. Journal List J Clin Pathol v. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Over a median follow up of 10 years, the patients in the last group continued to be classified as IC, and evidence of CD was not found despite many clinical investigations.

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However, several recent case reports and series suggest that gastroduodenal involvement, which used to be diagnostic of CD, may also occur in UC, especially in children precolectomy. Histopathology of ulcerative colitis. Tsang PRotterdam H.

Indeterminate colitis

Evidence from an international workshop. The lesion forms as a reaction to extravasated mucin haematoxylin and eosin stain. Evolutionary changes in the pathologic diagnosis after the ileoanal pouch procedure. Patchiness of mucosal inflammation in treated ulcerative colitis: Pathological subgroups may predict complications but not late failure after ileal pouch—anal anastomosis for indeterminate stusy.


Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The outcome of sstudy pouch construction in IC is also discussed.

ibd case study slideshare

Even if the definition were standardised, in practice, sludeshare patients carrying a diagnosis of IC may be a heterogeneous group. High incidence of inflammatory bowel disease in the Netherlands—results of a prospective study. Probiotics enhance the normal intestinal microflora and decrease symptom of diarrhea Observe for signs and symptoms of sodium and electrolyte loss weakness, abdominal or leg cramps, dysrthmias. The criteria for subclassification of IBD, especially in the fulminant setting, are not absolute and overlap.

Ulcerative colitis complicated by gastroduodenal lesions. It is presumed to be secondary to the reflux of colonic contents. The presence of scattered mononuclear inflammatory cells in the muscularis propria adjacent to ulceration was regarded as a non-specific response, and not a discriminating feature between UC and CD.

It would be tempting to assume that in the hands of a gastrointestinal pathologist fewer cases of IBD would fall into the IC category.

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