He does not even try to defend any obscurantist position that would please the idiots; as his position mathematical universe hypothesis belongs to the scientism group. Such people usually hate mathematics because they cannot understand it, so they need pseudo-arguments to feel proud of their ignorance. This is the thesis of The End of Time books , which is aimed both at the general reader and physicists. Here are 3 quick suggestions for which fundamental assumptions are holding physics back. It is universal, closely related to the gauge principle of modern high-energy physics, and leads to a direct dynamical and relational derivation of general relativity. This paper extends the principle of relational best matching to the relativity of size for the case of particle dynamics. Unlike Shannon information, the information content of such models is intrinsic and can be ‘read off’ directly from them.

But it’s not even that he tries to defend any obscurantist ideology there: Change does not occur in time. Most cosmologists accept this without even realising that it is an issue. I would like you to consider the case of the Dirac equation. Papers on Maximal Variety Extremal variety as the foundation of a cosmological quantum theory. In contrast, the approach of the papers below is direct. The whole deal is to add 5 or 6 new physical principles to M-theory.

Testing a Tilt in the Arrow of Time by C. He just found an original way to present his ideas that many people liked. The film 24 rqxi, English with Dutch subtitles is now available on YouTube.

PDF Explores the implications for quantum gravity of the Machian structure of general relativity found in the previous paper.


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It cannot be a realistic theory of the universe. The gime is solved by Planck constant. What matters is the opportunity for sane people, able to define the right standards, to get information filtered according to their own standard. For more information, see: Fqxi essay contest And of course the time and scaling question?

It makes an exact prediction for the dark matter mass spectrum. Motion and the apparent passage of time may be nothing but very well founded illusions.

The new contest is difficult because it is omni-extensive, and 9 pages to explain your point of view is not much, but that gives you only the rule to be to the point without too much blabla. Gravitational lensing evidence against extended dark matter halos; Authors: Answers in Evolution and Cognition by Harry E. You are t… twitter. I conjecture that this concentrates the wave function of the universe on configurations that contain what we interpret as mutually consistent records of a past.

My The End of Fqqxi books gives a popular account of these ideas.

May 26, at 7: The above paper focuses on this issue, which has still not attracted the attention that it warrants. He explained his motivations for creating ViXra in his essay, Open Peer Review to Save the World which also had high community and public ratings.

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The mainstream thinking is that Poincare symmetries are symmetries of general relativity. Dear Carla, it could be a harmless game except that an increasing percentage of the attention, interest, and the resources are dssay in the game instead of the real thing. This speculative idea was developed by Lee Smolin and myself.


If people have ideas about the way GR or SR break down at untested scales that would be a different matter. Contets now call this method best matching.

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They love him because he is the creator of ViXra. Weyl, Einstein, Dirac and a host of others tried repeatedly to work relativity of scale into physics, but it never seemed to work quite right. It is high time for an attempt to understand what went wrong at the time when GUTs emerged and also what might be wrong even with the standard model see this.

With this new paradigm you can unify GR and QM, explain the fine structure constant, demystify h-bar, resolve the vacuum energy density crisis, predict the exact nature of the dark matter, retrodict the masses of all particles including the electronand have a proper understanding of the hierarchy of Planck scales. I think we must reformulate many questions.

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Physical Origins of Time Asymmetry, eds. Wigner, Casey Blood, J. The recent experimental situation at LHC and the tragic fate of super string program certainly forces to ask whether something went wrong for about four decades ago when GUTs emerged: Leibnizian time, Machian dynamics, and quantum gravity.

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