It is really secure, as nobody can intrude your privacy or circles with the appropriate settings. There’s the ability to keep up with friends from primary school, stay in touch with relatives, have peer support, share information and just have fun. Also I could not really read cons round two. It isn’t just Facebook. Social media can introduce people to new experiences such as the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. Or maybe it’s because their own children are keeping quiet even when harassed for fear of being banned and ostracised by their peers.

And even these aren’t failsafe. What’s so bad about that? Youths under the age of 18 should be allowed to take part in it, as long as their are parental controls. Most to Least Replies: Report this Argument Pro I know about children under the age of

facebook should be banned for under 18s essay

Honestly all you people that think Facebook should not be able to be used by people under 18 should get a life and let the Nanned of Facebook make the decisions.

That does not even include any other social media sites. From a recent article on Dawn.

Should kids under 13 or 18 years of age be allowed on Facebook?

Plus she knows I would check any private messages and she is fine with that. Also there are about 4 billion people in the world that use Face book. However, it very much depends on the family circumstances and the parental relationships with unxer child, as to whether this openness and trust is achievable.

Our children are under 18 so we are still responsible for them, if parents don’t understand Facebook and how to use it properly the either read up on it or just don’t let your kids on it.


As to the existing age limit, I believe that allowing a child under the age of 13 to open an account on Facebook is very risky.

Have you ever heard of websites and Google images? A lot of kids make Facebook to play games or to chat with friends but also many others use Facebook to cyber bull, to attract people to hurt people.

Facebook is about having fun but when everybody can do anything in Facebook, Facebook is everything but fun. Do you understand how to help your child avert bullying online, and how they should best respond shojld bullied?

I as a mom watch what I post and I make it a point to make sure it is all positive and upbeat. It does not have to be either.

facebook should be banned for under 18s essay

All we have to do is ban social media for children under the racebook of Furthermore they can be victims of cyperbulling, advertising or hackers.

Report this Argument Pro First of all, that has barely anything to do with the question. Nothing sexual or inappropriate for children.

Social Media Should Be Banned For Children Under The Age Of 18

Unfortunately I suspect that most parents in Australia don’t even know that Facebook is restricted for under 13 year olds, let alone know about the privacy settings and how to set them up. Children under the age of 18 have few udner, if they believe a certain behavior will win them attention and applause.

facebook should be banned for under 18s essay

Is torture an effective interrogation technique? Old to New Likes: It is absolutely inconceivable that a pre-teen would have the ability or patience to go through the existing maze of settings to be able to make their Facebook account fot enough to ensure protection from unwanted approaches, spam and exploitation of their personal pictures and content.


I have things to plan.

Should children under the age of 18 be allowed to use Facebook? |

Teaching them the dangers of predators and online safety does not mean that they won’t make a mistake. Children already view 40, ads a year. Monitored at first until you finally let them go by themselves. Dweezil Zappa, Frank Zappa’s son, is being sued by his father’s estate in a trademark dispute for using the Zappa name. Was Tony Blair a Satan?

Debate Topic: Social Media Should Be Banned For Children Under The Age Of 18 |

Why do teens that see each other on a daily basis still find the need to communicate on a computer??? Leonie Smith is a mother of four kids from a blended family, 11yrs 14yrs 26yrs and 28yrs. She writes about cyber safety issues, social networks and all things geeky on her website digitalbreezes. I have family to talk to, and it’s just the easiest way to communicate long distance. Related Opinions President Donald Trump has said he believes waterboarding works. When children use social media they can be bombarded with mean things said by people they may or may esay use.

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