Even so he would not have been poor, strictly speaking, but for the sons, who preferred a life of pleasure in town, where they probably had private establishments of their own. Salvation was to come only by repentance, by being born again with a will wholly transformed and broken; so that the later Jewish religion went almost as far as Platonism or Christianity in the direction opposite to heathenism. Lord Brougham was to be in- formed of the fact. All that is left to the butler and the keeper. I prolonged the conversation, questioning her and listening with affected interest to her mechanical answers, while trying to fathom those unsmiling, unearthly eyes that looked so steadily at mine. He owed a great part of his inspiration to Cicero, who treated of abstract topics in a con- versational way with a romantic background; and this he owed to Plato, whose dialogues undoubtedly contain the germ of both the novel and the essay.

People come to the seaside not for idleness, but for new kind of activities. He knows that the sea is a place of commerce and as such mankind will become a servant to it. Robert Lynd and Mr. He bangs Balzac over the head. So, we feel, if we had had the music, we could have made the Prussians march their goose-step back to Potsdam; so we could play all solemn perversity off the stage of life. Yet it sank on its maiden voyage.

But it would be folly to regard Hawthorne’s rhythm as wholly — or even mainly — a technical quality. He’s not good enough! The sea is a domesticated wonder. I could not conceive that dissolution could J.

With the prudishness and peanut piety of Puritanism Henry James has nothing in common. Did you ever see it as those two ladies from the country will see it this Easter as they pass breathlessly from wonder to wonder?


The wonder of the world of the sea will be missed by most people. We may not exactly say of him as Hazlitt said of Walter Scott: Santayana for ” Heathenism. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

According to Lynd, we must go on dreaming to master elements of nature such as the water, the air and the fire.

essay seaside robert lynd

Possibly you, reader, were vourself one of them, and would have been delighted at one — I can’t promise you would have liked more than one — visit from so congenial an artist. And the same day he shot eleven brace of partridges, didn’t he.? As every actual orthodoxy is avowedly incomplete and partly ambiguous, a sympathetic reform of it is always in order.

The James art is Cerebral Comedy, par ex- cellence. The beauty and dignity of common hfe were his theme.

As a psvchologist he stands midwav between Stendhal and Tursienev. They were warned off and told that they must use a path to the beach which took them over half a mile from the village. Black and red bees live among the blue flowers of the sea-holly. Even I, omnivorous reader as I count myself, cannot hoax myself into curiosity about the time at which the fast trains got to Bristol in Thus, the sea is both a monster and a comforter. I am real, you are nothing.

English Notes: The Sea – Robert Lynd

You know that we don’t kill everything we see! However, it is not a stately prose that James essayed.

essay seaside robert lynd

But I checked myself, remembering that altruism is a purely human attribute. So the men and women of Dickens and Meredith.


The Sea by Robert Lynd

It may be only an ideal world, empty of the horrors of reality, but it is one which the art of China makes real to us and with which we are familiar in that art; and there is a smiling wisdom in it, there is a gaiety which comes from conquest rather than refusal of reality, just like the gaiety and wisdom of Mozart’s music. He surveyed it with disgust, and said to the inn-keeper, who stood nervously by hoping for a professional compli- ment, ” This looks as if someone had been doing it himself.

We leave that to cockneys, and foreigners,” But just as I had no power of movement, so I seemed to have no power of speech. So here is the usage — souveteour, pledge, monsieur etc. Here was I, solitary and chilled. Or like Justice in Plato’s Republic, a thing which the talkers set out to define, and which ends by being the one thing left in a state when the definable qualities are taken away?

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essay seaside robert lynd

And yet his ultimate seriousness and the last secret of his beauty is pitv, not for himself and his essau little troubles, but for the whole bitter earnestness of mortal children. Lord Brougham, who revelled in advertisement, used to allow his house to be seen by visitors, and the butler had orders that if a party of people came to see the house.

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