This is especially applicable to Sand, as she was an idealist; therefore, her work was highly fictionalized. The island that Sand describes is harmonious. This is depicted through the relationship of Saccard and Renee, where he marries her for her fortune and naivety so he can take advantage of her property and use it to benefit from the re-development of Paris. Therefore it is the novels of Rachilde and Maupassant that best demonstrate this. Although we must remember that there is a distinction between fiction and reality, the novels discussed demonstrate that fiction is highly influenced by reality.

Thus, through her heroine, Sand denounces the happiness of women in society, because of the injustice of marital laws. The impact of the Loi Naquet can be further questioned by the fact that gender equality was not fully achieved. This appears to be an effect of the Loi Naquet; in the novels by Balzac and Sand, there is always a sense of morality to guide the protagonists. They are romantic heroines because they are victims of their own love. As in his other relationships, Duroy feels little remorse in accepting the help of these women when it comes to his own personal advancement. Divorce after the French Revolution, pp. La Peau de chagrin:

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In Indiana we also witness such defiance of the patriarchal culture. Arguably this eufenie because, as a feminist, Sand wanted us to feel respect for her heroine, despite her ill choices.

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As mentioned earlier, she was writing at a time when society was still very restricted. Sexual liberty and the developments in gender roles go hand in hand; the Loi Naquet did contribute to this dissertatiion.

She rejects all nineteenth century ideals of womanhood. If it was not for death and marriage I do not know how the average novelist would conclude.

Although this equality is not achieved in the nineteenth century, it is a dissertatipn of the twentieth century, where mainly due to the suffrage movement, equality of the sexes is achieved.


Indeed, neither did the ultimate feminist, Sand. Then dissertation is Clotilde de Marelle, his mistress throughout the novel. However, her marriage remains unconsummated. The second half of the novel is a reversal of male-female power; Mary uses her feminine charm to ensnare her lovers in irresistible bonds; showing the weakness of men towards female sexuality.

Never Go Back full torrent. Her infatuation with blood, is most likely triggered by her trip to the slaughterhouse as a child, which opens the novel.

Indiana lets ssur of the conventions of society that had kept her unhappy for so many years.

The fact that we are not told whether they are married or even lovers, reinforces this gender equality; as it suggests that both of them are genderless; they are neither dissertatikn nor woman but social equals. Indeed, the introduction of Charles or Paris to Eugenie is what radicalizes her and leads to her defiance of her father.

Thus, in contrast to other women of nineteenth century literature, Eugenie is not changed or radicalized by love; she merely grows as a person. Search our dissertations of essays: However this change is achieved with dussertation sacrifice of morality and human decency.

dissertation sur eugenie grandet

Evidently, she had no emotional attachment to Duroy; therefore, although he had to reveal her adultery to the police in order to gain a divorce, we do not feel a sense of resentment between them. Mary, on the other hand is able to threaten her adulterous husband with divorce. This can be seen as a form of prostitution, as essentially he gives his body in return for material things.

Based on this, Mary is revolutionary. disertation

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Therefore, it is because they are so pure, that at the end of the novel, where we see Eugenie alone, the inevitable fate that she will die alone has such an effect on us. Grwndet heavenly antecedents and destiny, which egenie have been clich?? They are trapped in passionless marriages and in the case of Therese ggandet only way she could be rid of Charles is by killing him. Indeed, this sense of empowerment was cleverly used to get whatever they wanted. Arguably, this is because he is asexual, so unlike Raymon he has no overwhelming sexual desires.


This can be symbolic of the role of a woman; to produce a son and heir, after whom they are no longer needed. Through their methods of wearing trousers and going out in public, unaccompanied by men, they strove eugebie create a genderless society.

This will show how literature is impacted by social changes and how the law in question can be viewed as a turning point in the development of women. Thus she uses the law to gain power and control over her marriage.

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It is her lust for seedy places that fuels her desire for Duroy; he is attracted by her high status and sophistication. Therefore, the portrayal of gender in literature was still restricted by the real worlds lack of social equality. Although Eugenie begins to defy her father by going behind his back in order to please Charles, it does not mean that she has been emancipated from the control of men.

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