In deciding whether to authorise a request for leave of absence, the Headteacher will consider: Gill will ensure your needs are met as best she can. This is easily accessed by the Find my School navigation on the home page. Please see the Homework Policy on the school website for more details. It is up to parents to make a case for taking the child out of school. Attitude to Learning criteria for reports can be found here. Though we always do try to co-operate with requests, authorised absence cannot unfortunately be granted automatically.

Due to space restrictions we discourage large sports holdalls or rucksacks. A school requires generally accepted codes of conduct and rules of procedure which. Mr Houghton graduated from University in and has been teaching for 7 years. Have you changed your mobile phone? We hope that this brochure gives you an insight into this wonderful school. It is up to parents to make a case for taking the child out of school. April Introduction At Arlecdon Primary School we are very proud to be able to offer Wrap around care to our pupils and young More information.

Your comments can be returned anonymously if you prefer, or you may wish to discuss issues with us in more detail. Please contact the LA or DfE as follows: Under Section 36 of the Education Act. We encourage children to let staff know immediately if anyone is intimidating them either physically or verbally. Any money sent via school should be handed to your child s teacher in a sealed envelope rawcliffr their name and learning group clearly marked.

clifton with rawcliffe homework

Please refer to Local Plan on the School website. Make sure your child is fit and well enough to attend school.

School Prospectus. Preparing Children for a Successful Future

If the photograph is used, avoid naming the pupil. Attend school regularly and on time Bring all the equipment I need every day Wear the school uniform and be tidy in appearance Do all my class work and homework as well as I can Be polite and helpful to others Keep the school free from litter and graffiti Signature Date. Each case will be judged on its individual merits and absences can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.


If you More information. Deborah Hirzel – Model Fashion Model.

School Prospectus. Preparing Children for a Successful Future – PDF

The legal definition of disability states that a person is disabled if they have a mental or physical impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Please let us know if you have any hidden talents which might be useful to us in school, or if you can offer us some time on a regular or occasional basis as we are always grateful for offers of help.

If we still are unable to contact you and have no knowledge of your child s whereabouts, we will then telephone the police to inform them. Thank you for your continued support. Families North Yorkshire Magazine Magazine. To allow students to complete tasks started in class, so freeing up valuable teaching time for the next lesson To enable students to explore a topic in greater depth and reinforce their learning.

Next half terms reward focus is around homrwork – ice creams at end of term! Before your child starts school you will be invited to three information meeting and taster sessions. It is designed to achieve equal opportunities More information.

Clifton With Rawcliffe Homework

Great rewards event today for all students who havent had a homework code all half term! Please do not hesitate to e mail or telephone school or contact a member of staff personally to arrange an appointment should the need arise.


clifton with rawcliffe homework

Ensuring our governors are trained and equipped to the highest standards. Full Governing Board This booklet provides flifton with some general information about the school and we hope that you find this useful.

If you have any special delivery instructions, such as Leave at back of house or Leave with a neighbour make sure you include these. Generally, photographs for school and family use, and those that appear in the press, are a source of pleasure and pride, which we believe can help self-esteem for children and their families, and so are welcomed.

CWR School Prospectus (1)

The cost of a hot lunch is 2. Pupils will often appear in these images, which may appear in local or national newspapers, or on televised news programmes.

clifton with rawcliffe homework

Click the back button to return to the main products 4. We are mindful of the fact that for some families, there may be reasons why a child s identification is a matter of particular anxiety, and if you cilfton special circumstances either now, or at any time in the future, which would affect or change your consent on this issue, you need to let your child s. Always giving the best Our students find their lessons fulfilling, engaging and understand the worth of being known by all the staff.

Uniform Policy Expectations 1. Sept Section 1: All the instructions for buying are self-explanatory.

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