Military academy Military education and training. The Command and Staff College is a ten-month program for majors, lieutenant commanders, allied foreign officers, and U. Unlike the enlisted side, there’s nobody in the fleet qualified to give you advice on your career. However, I disagree with how the FY12 board was conducted and I do not believe the Marine Corps is pushing educational opportunities far enough. United States Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps Command and Staff College provides graduate level education and training in order to develop critical thinkers, innovative problem solvers, and ethical leaders who will serve as commanders and staff officers in service, joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational organizations confronting complex and uncertain security environments. Perhaps someone in manpower can honestly say how this policy will be implemented so that careers are not jeopardized by the Marsh building vice the performance of the individual Marine. Make those skill determinators a requirement for promotion to captain. It was established on August 1, by General Alfred M. This included the law programs if the person was not a lawyer and resident EWS for those that were already enrolled in resident EWS.

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If you attended seminars or did IGS I understand reluctance to “plow the same ground. I should’ve been required to rank at least two programs, but not required to consider all of them.

This post makes a lot of great points but there are some other issues to consider. PC Drew December 30, at 5: Retrieved from ” https: Thank you for taking the time to publish this information very useful!

usmc ews essay

What I see with the current career-level education board is more officers being screened for the same number of available slots that existed before. At esszy same time, there is more that needs to be done in order to ensure that Marine Officers can be exposed to additional educational opportunities.


Posted by Robert Schotter at 9: InMajor General John A.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Further, by August many Marines are already starting to line up their next assignments and billets as several peers of mine have.

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Robert Schotter December 29, at 8: If you are a combat arms captain, go to PG school and then a follow on payback, you will probably never command a company or battery. The Command and Staff College is a ten-month program for majors, lieutenant commanders, allied foreign officers, and U. It fits best if you go to school in a discipline that has a payback in your MOS. Most of the people, however, would not have applied for the program they were selected for because they didn’t essag to do it.

I understand that many Marines balk at essaay idea of missing a deployment so they can spend 9 months at resident EWS or 2 years at Naval Umsc Graduate School, doing so appears to make them less competitive.

usmc ews essay

If the person “opts in”, he’s required to pay back anywhere from years depending on the program. Determine what skills make a person “more qualified” for each specific program.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Marines were given the directions to rank, from one to eight, all of the programs. Further, officers participating in such programs should be looked at favorably on promotion and command boards for their unique experience and insight.


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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Just as the Corps is making sweeping decisions about selecting people through the CCLEB improperly in my opinionthe board made another sweeping decision to take out all of the current resident EWS students.

To clarify, while primary and alternate lists were released this month, actual assignments of those selected will not be released until mid-January In effect, the board created somewhat of a hostage situation for FY12 movers as to their future while they awaited results. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I’m currently attending resident EWS and this has been a very hot topic among the students over the last few months.

The preference list we fill out might as well go straight in the garbage. You’re expected to take charge of your own career and make decisions based on both: Unlike the enlisted side, there’s nobody in the fleet qualified to give you advice on your career.

That being said, my first issue with the CCLEB is that all of the special programs being looked at require payback tours. I think these are valid concerns and I would like to think there has been some discussion about them but only time will tell if it delivers.

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