To be fair, M: The go to low scale that allows you to replenish your hand with Magicians for later use. Community Forum Software by IP. Magic is a more complicated game to learn and master. Dark Paladin and Dark Magician are both really fun to play, but they are too slow to be the most effective or competitive form of Spellcaster. The game is built around effect monsters, and Dark Magician cost too many cards for a non-effect weak attack two-tribute monster.

Legendary Magician of Dark says that if it attacks reduces the opponent’s life points to 0 and some other conditions are met, you win the match. The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest. Answered Mar 28, Hoping you draw the card you need, Jesse Preorder Now. It takes multiple cards to summon Dark Magician and multiple cards to summon Dark Paladin. Second, there are cards that take advantage of Chaos Sorcerer ‘s effect.

Powerful beater that provides the deck freedom from the danger of battle phase based monsters, such as fire and ice hand. One complaint I can think of would be that reactive control i.

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The two past-times are similar enough that the participants know about the other game. Serves as a level magiciaj for rank 4 plays, and can be used along with Antithesis to summon OERD to ravage an unsuspecting Duelist. It is searchable through 3 separate ways, and is a mandatory 3 of. A great and mandatory card for the deck.


Mandatory 3 that provides you with added on scale protection. I hope that helps. Also promotes rank 7 plays and has decent Attack.

Odd-Eyes Magicians Deck

Serves as a recycler and assists in reusing destroyed boss monsters. Chaos Sorcerer is faster with more muscle than any other Spellcaster deck type, and it does not depend on a field spell card to be effective thus making it the most effective form of Spellcaster. Mandatory 3 semi stratos.

First, there is a straight old fashion beat-down aspect, which I nagician will make a comeback with the new ban list coming out. If a Duelist loses two Duels, they are considered to have lost the Match.

thesis magician yugioh

Level 7 beatstick with a decent scale. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Compare that to Magic. When it came into magjcian, right before you would lose the duel to it’s effect people magicisn simply concede the duel, to have a chance to win duels 2 and 3 and still win the match. Without 2 copies of Book of Moon that swarming power will be hurt. Because YuGiOh is cheaper to play, the cards are more cartoony, the rules are wonkier, there is not as tnesis a professional scene, and there is the implication that people only play the game because they liked a TV show as a child.

I enjoy the financial collecting aspect, better strategy, and playing format that Magic produces. We were ok with that.


Unique Magician that helps add diversity and flexibility to the scales. Great stats allow it serves as great beater. I will take one side of an argument and Dan will take another, and hopefully through our healthy debate, we will inspire you to dialogue with your friends, and us, and through that dialogue we will learn a thing or two about dueling.

All these have the common trait of making you win the match. Several functions may not work. Mainly used as a defensive card to protect against bottomless and other irritating trap cards that disrupt plays. It is truly yuigoh great and a very underrated monster that screams build the best magicizn deck around me.

thesis magician yugioh

Running two ensures that you always have mxgician least one available copy, but 3 tends to be too much. You win a duel by reducing your opponents life to 0 and you win the match by winning 2 duels. TG, though I prefer the latter.

Decent Magician with a great, yet restrictive scale.

Related Questions Which is better: He also assists in providing field presence. There are some that just happen to play Yugioh here in Philadelphia. What is the point of Legendary Magician of Dark’s effect?

thesis magician yugioh

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