I Nyoman Sedeng, M. The word bank is commonly used in the Indonesian culture in the financial field. Said Poirot with a TL: Indeed, without the theory that I TL: The other analysis refers to the absorption and adjustment of spelling.

Men are always ready to idolize the sovereign under whose sway they feel themselves happy. Those are singular form. By seeing the description above, the function of textual competence is to have the translator keep the original type of word and or genre of the text, the function of the text, avoid misunderstanding of the receiver of the text, avoid the misfunction of the text, and create a communicative situation from both the sender and the addressee interaction. No SL TL 1 technical p. In this case, translators are faced with text as unit of meaning in the form of sets of words or sentences.

thesis linguistik unud

In the SL, the adjactive phrase of consummate actor has a different structure from its translation aktur ulung. The following articles are merged in Scholar. Based on the explanation above, it is to show that the form both words are not the same, the word photographers is a plural form but the word fotografer is singular in the TL.

Having arrived there, he taught the people. The word aktor in the TL means pria yang berperan sebagai pelaku dalam pementasan cerita drama, dan sebagainya di panggung, radio, televisi, atau film KBBI, The explanations are as follows: It is cultivated in order to use the spelling system as needed. There are two categories of the data; those categories are noun and adjective.


The thewis formality in the SL has the same suffix to the word sentimentality.

The suffix —ent is changed into en in the TL text. The word telegram does not have any explanation in KBBI, Aku berangkat dari hotel agak hurried departure from the tergesa — gesa dan ketika aku hotel and was busy assuring sibuk memeriksa apakah semua myself that I had hardly barangku sudah terkumpul, kereta noticed my companion, but apipun berangkat. While, in naturalized borrowing, it can be naturalized to fit the spelling rules in the TL. Percayalah pada Papa Poirot.

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An example was also lintuistik in the noun phrase of junior partner p. Therefore, the impact of linguistic change is discussed.

It involves the language borrowed from English such as fashion and celebration. Suffixes of this present study are discussed under three headings which describe their referents. Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word tisane in the SL and the word tisane in the TL have the same category.

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Based on the explanation follows, it is to unid that the form both words are equivalent, the words theory is singular and the word teori is as well singular. When there are unknown concepts, they have been well known by the TL readers and have been acceptable in the TL culture. The Dulcibella Sisters telah cancelled their contract, and membatalkan kontrak mereka, have left Coventry for an dan telah pergi meninggalkan unknown destination, Coventry untuk tujuan yang Christie, Besides, the phonetic system of BI is different from that of Unuf, it is illustrated, as follows.


Bali was visited by more than 4. For English, most linguists agree on the need to recognize at least the following word classes: Noun in the Naturalized Borrowing Noun categories are indicated by suffix marker.

And, certainly, it were very injudicious to suffer the fondness and licentiousness of a few to detract from the honor of all ego and parable in general.

Thesis linguistik unud

Dijelaskannya bahwa suaminya into several schemes of political telah terseret dalam beberapa nature. The word primula is not shared or it is not available in KBBI. An argument in favor of universal healthcare.

The uhud was conducted using two instruments. Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word mafia in the SL and the word mafia in the TL have the same category.

thesis linguistik unud

Based on the meaning, the two languages are similar and the word category is the liguistik. In this case, the competencies in translating should be had well. The Translation Studies Reader.

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