My current research foci centres around urban geography, with particular interests in social housing, architecture and home. This fascinating study in historical geography and book history takes modern readers on a journey into the nature of exploration, the production of authority in published travel narratives, and the creation of geographical authorship—a journey bound together by the unifying force of a world-leading publisher. Gagen, Hayden Lorimer, and Alex Vasudevan, 47— To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Historical and contemporary performance of cross-cultural first contact encounters: Speculation and Meaning in the s Swedish Arts World: Historical Geography Research Group Newsletter , winter —

What do you do outside academia? Our range of resources, including videos, case studies, book chapters and expert opinion articles are available on or off campus. Travels into print is published by the University of Chicago Press. Review of Worlds before Adam: My current book project —provisionally entitled The power of print:

The result is a pioneering work that provides a wholesale re-visioning of the way in which geographical knowledge is disseminated.

Outside of academia I read a lot of science fiction dissertatikn fantasy… probably an unhealthy amount. About us All about the Department of Geography.

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Gillian Symons SoM — I will be investigating the contemporary digital workplace through a range of analytical lenses. Athena Swan Silver Award. Address to the Edinburgh Book History Seminar. Therefore, both case studies present different dissrtation on how photography was used as a medium through which the exploitation of natural resources for energy production was visually represented and commercially and socially understood. Historical Geography Research Group Newsletterwinter — Nexis UK This link opens in a new window.


Keighren, and Avril Maddrell. If they continue for longer exit the building and proceed to the assembly point.

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Landscape Surgery3 February Scottish Geographical Journalno. Discussion between the student and adviser and skills developed in GG and GG encourage students to develop further their grasp of suitable strategies for analysis and interpretation of their data 3. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Manchester University Press, forthcoming.

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rhul geography dissertation archive

The conference wanted to attract academic work that dealt with the themes of both narrative form and practice in relation disseftation the social, material and aesthetic contemporary city. They were works of both artistry and industry—products of the complex, and often contested, relationships between authors and editors, publishers and printers.

Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 36, no. Landscape Surgery20 July A collection of audio-visual lectures and case studies by leading experts from commerce, industry and academia, in Business and Management.

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rhul geography dissertation archive

Video User guide YouTube. PhD thesis, University of Edinburgh Dialogues in Human Geography 2, no.


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Through these three foci, I aimed to expand the currently limited conceptions of aesthetic labour to include ideas of digital aesthetic labour and ideas of aesthetic labour as the propagation of affective atmospheres. Students select an adviser during the Spring term of the second year having discussed preliminary research ideas with that person, and are expected to arrange approximately five meetings with this adviser to discuss such matters as research aims, methods, progress, risk assessment and presentation.

The aim of the day is to explore both historical and contemporary connections between Cornwall and London with papers exploring topics like migration and centre-periphery relations. Royal Geographical Society, My current research interests are around the intersection of economic and cultural geography, especially in relation to creative work.

My teaching experience includes: The album and the new series of works were shown together in the exhibition Freundschaftsantiqua in Leipzig Germany. The most frequently-used databases Kanopy This link opens in a new window.

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