Veiw figure View current figure in a new window View next figure. This course lasted hours, divided into 60 hours of theoretical classes, and 40 hours of practical classes. In order to implement the SUS principles, which are universality, equity, and integrality, in the Brazilian Health Ministry propounded a national government strategy, called Family Health Program FHP , which was elaborated to restructure primary care services. Veiw figure View current table in a new window. These thoughts should consider, and integrate, cultural and social structure dimensions in each specific context, besides the biological and psychological aspects involved in nursing care. The following aspects were measure through two tests and rating of the practical performance in Primary Care Centers:

The first test was schedule to October, and the second to December. Psychoanalytical theories and therapy strategies did not seem to have an effect to the children who were of different backgrounds and needs. Unlike Public Health, Collective Health contains analysis of social science perspectives and its theoretical and methodological framework in the health-illness process. In addition, group discussions about some cases were conducted amongst students, faculty members, and the RNs of the primary care centers. The implementation phase of the nursing process involved carrying out the proposed plan of nursing care. Larger image png format.

During these meetings, nursing consultation was performed according to the health programs mother and child health, and adult health available psper the primary care centers.

Margaret Mead became a visiting professor in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati and Leininger discussed the potential interrelationships between nursing and anthropology.

Psychoanalytical theories and therapy strategies did not seem to have an effect to the children who were of different backgrounds and needs. To evaluate the students during the practical sections, an instrument was developed by the university members.


Transcultural nurses reflect on discoveries in China using Leininger’s Sunrise model.

For this reason, performance of care practices and nursing actions, however, may be carried out by the patient and their families, as afore mentioned, by other members of the nursing team, or by members of FHP team, as suitability allows. In the context of FHP, generally, the plan of nursing care is carried out at home by the patient and their families.

The implementation phase of the nursing process involved carrying out the proposed plan of nursing care. Business practices in connection with nursing and biomedical models. Analysis of these dimensions of the Sunrise Model enabled the authors to discover the important values, beliefs, and lifeways of the Chinese people. One element of this theory, the Sunrise Model Figure 1 is the focus of analysis in this article.

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This theory could be the means to establish a leininers and defensible discipline and profession, guiding practice to meet the multicultural world. Principles of nursing consultation were approached theoretically and methodologically, with its specificities in the context of FHP; this practice is based on the Theory of Culture Care.

Students were expected a grade no lower than seven 7. Sunruse Journal of Nursing Research, 1 1 American Journal of Nursing Research1 1 Transcultural Nursing Theory — Madeleine Leininger.

With cultural and social structure dimensions in mind, and the comprehension that patient-nurse relations take place into multidimensional levels global society, community, family, and interpersonalstudents were encouraged to develop nursing processes into nursing consultation in Collective Health.

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Sunrise model of Leninger’s transcultural nursing theory – Essay Example

Also there were 30 students attending the course in that semester. At the end of that semester, students evaluated the course. The qualitative criteria of credibility and confirmability from in-depth studies of informants and their contexts are becoming clearly evident.


research paper leiningers sunrise model

It addresses nursing care from a multicultural and worldview perspective. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

research paper leiningers sunrise model

Journal of Transcultural Nursing Jul 13 3In addition, case studies were held with the aid of the flowchart. In this teaching program students were able to develop abilities sunruse competencies to identify and understand the multiple factors that influence care, as well as comprehend it from a holistic-humanistic perspective.

reseagch The decision steps required critical thinking as a skill to identify nursing diagnosis or health-needs and collaborative problems. The Teaching Experience 4. Abstract This paper aims to report the experience about a teaching process of nursing consultation in Collective Health using the Sunrise Model with nursing students baccalaureate level. The faculty members were composed by one professor and five auxiliaries.

research paper leiningers sunrise model

These exams were designed to evaluate critical thinking and theoretical skills. Submission Browse by Subjects. This study had two main limitations: World War II gave light moxel the theory developed; it was then when immigrants from different countries around the world with diverse cultural background moved to the United States and to other places worldwide.

This stage was conducted in parallel with the theoretical resfarch in which other contents, in consideration to the nursing practice in Collective Health, were given.

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