One among the many innovations in language styles is the jejemon style of writing. Eventually other schools picked this up. Novel words were characterized by replacement of letters with sounds to those that are deleted. Instant Messaging and Teen Language. This manner of communicating is also prevalent in social websites such as Facebook. One of the aims of language learning is to help students learn effective communication, thus learning the correct grammar is essential. The researcher collected the general ideas from online networking sites and articles from reliable sites.

As can be gleaned on the table, the major social influences of the respondents were their text mates, closed friends, peers and the media that they are exposed with. These communication tools offer only limited characters — around characters — which pushed the users to send short and brief messages. There should also be an avenue for research on other networking sites another research environment. What are the noticeable patterns in the jejemon style of writings? Click here to sign up. Lengthening of vowels and consonants and lastly, h.

She also has encouraged the teachers to use proper spelling and grammar to teach the students. Although the words were shorter, they can still be understood when read. Unconventional use of punctuations Punctuations like question marks and exclamation points were the ones used in an exaggerated manner.

The Effects of Jejemon Essay

Moreover, Urbandictionary, a web-based dictionary that contains million definitions submitted by editors and visitors defined them as:. Though there are many apprehensions like their fashion, behavior and traits, this study focuses on the main and the foremost problem about the Jejemons, their usage of language, for it is the major angst regarding the topic. Moreover, there are actually social and individual benefits that a Jejemon culture can provide to those members and to those who are not.


Moreover, Alex Maximo discussed how jejemon buzzed the leading social networking site — the Facebook. These results imply that they have a comparable exposure to the jejemon style amid their learning jwjemon. The latter views as increasingly widespread in the social media and has led to the direct equation for the Internet users with democra- tization and community-formation of characters such as the jejemon.

On the other hand, teachers play an important role in the educa- tional aspect of their development. It is because of the complexity of words spellings since they make use of sticky caps or inconsistency in the lower and uppercase letters, excessive punctuation marks and replacement of letters to numbers or other symbols.

D in the site Researvh Counties, Inc. This implied the need to educate young students to practice correct spelling so they can cope with their English requirements [9].


In fact, the place was called “the squatter of discos”. It also gives opportunities for users papper express themselves innovatively. Statement of the Problem This study intends to describe and analyze the phenomenon of Jejemon in different Facebook accounts.

research paper jejemon

Clipping and Novel Words Occurrences of clipping and use of novel words are frequently used in the data. Other generalizations may not be suitable to conclude for the entire attributes of the jejemon phenomenon.

We discussed this in our philosophy class by accident and it seems that the “jolog” word’s origin comes from food. By using Jejemon language, one’s private information can be safe since many cannot decipher the code immediately. It also became a national concern which gave the researcher the interest to deal with the subject. The language of the Jejemons, called Jejenese, is derived from English, Filipino and their code-switched variant Taglish. The jejemon craze in the Philippines.


It can also be said that it is independent to their learning abilities. F-test results resesrch that there is no significant difference on their usage of jejemon texting styles: As a result, an “SMS language” has been developed where words are shortened in order to fit the character limit. Jejemons are known to subvert the language into complexity because they did not know the jejsmon spelling of words because they lack in formal education.

In Facebook, the jejemon style is often visible in the different walls of the Facebook users, where they made comments about the post of their friends and usually this will lead into a thread of conversation.

research paper jejemon

This establishment had a pretentious name: The shorter the expressions are made, the more stylish the writer is e. Hacker as cited in Raclaw in his study on Ellipsis as a Discourse Marker in Computer-Mediated Communication, pointed out that speakers made use of the ellipsis in ways that went beyond its traditional uses within writing: On the other hand, the formulaic expression which is used to emphasize the content words was not seen in any of the 12 corpuses.

Express freely, since it is a privilege gesearch living in a democratic country. Confirming the veracity of the conclusive statements made by eminent researchers and educators will help in retooling the program on communication and information technology as used in education and industry.

Most social networking sites, when one is creating an account, require an alphanumeric password consisting of letter and numbers.

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