The other girl slowly sat up and began sliding her fingers into Jennifer. I would show you the view of life from the floor but the knees are as far as you go. Thanks to nick, thecreature8 for sending tracks 1, 22 lyrics. Her eye sockets dry and empty. She knew that sooner or later they would realize that the Ride wasn’t stopping and they were all going to die. Here is a boy with paper skin who longs to touch the girl of broken glass. Medication blurs the last five percent.

Strangled With A Halo Religion in the corner of my eye. I imagine I am swallowing you. I learned that boys in dresses are ok on the last day of school. The chameleon is his favorite animal, because as he was led away in shame from the heckling, he wants to be able to blend in with his environment and become invisible like the chameleon, allowing him to hide from the shame. A patch of scorched earth. The way you hold a match so steady.

General Comment okay, well scatology is actually a word, as opposed to “scotology. Heart and Crossbones Stitched together into this beautiful monster animated by starlight.

I scatoloty I am swallowing you. I learned that boys in dresses are ok on the last day of school. Mapplethorpe Grey Androgynous we are. Countered a balding professor type in his mid-forties, his left hand stuffed crassly down the front of his pants “No, no, no. The vultures are made up like mockingbirds and they’re circling. A love letter to the crescent moon. Paid for by the people that supply the lash for these pointless acts of self-flaggellation.


It has been so long since the last touch. Hyperviolet Traced in a wet sand her name in perfect cursive.

Eyes like cracked eggshells empty as life. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. A desyroyer gathered almost immediately to watch these two girls tie and untie their bodies like a pair of pit-vipers.

Pig Destroyer – Scatology Homework Lyrics

Led away in shame. Scatology Homework They heckle the gunshy assassin. A country girl bludgeoned with an elephant tusk. Parting her silver thighs and making love obsolete.

Ghost Of A Bullet Fingerprints on my eyes like ten tiny maps to heaven. There was a rainbow like a halo over the world.

pig destroyer scatology homework lyrics

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Scatology Homework Lyrics by Pig Destroyer

Like explosions in space and prostitutes of fire. Postcards from a paradise in flames.

pig destroyer scatology homework lyrics

Please read the disclaimer. Pose like a fashion corpse and shed your denim skin my love. Tickets To The Car Crash Heart and Crossbones 7. Amazing writer as well as the music. The last line and how he says it in the recording is amazing. The chameleon is my favorite animal. I’ve heard people say that beauty is in details, but I don’t think they have ever seen you. A mass grave of tiny angels fallen from the heavens from the naked trees.

She heard the sound of a rickety-wooden roller-coaster in the distance.

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