Students will learn to read, analyze, discuss, and write about literature across a variety of genres, but especially prose and poetry. The course fulfills the College requirement for the second semester of English composition. The course is designed to give students a critical awareness of language and to teach language techniques through extensive readings. There will be reading quizzes, papers, a midterm and a final exam. While the activist movement, Black Lives Matter, has garnered national attention since its inception in , African-American literature has been concerned with asserting the value of black lives since the late 18 th century. Loyola University Chicago Department of English.

Loyola Avenue, 2 nd floor conference room, across the street from Mertz. The emphasis is on analyzing literature as a way of developing personal style. Thus, literature about work often addresses the nature and effects of oppressive work conditions, the larger forces at play, and how workers respond to oppression. This course examines how satire is used to comment on human behavior and critique society. This advanced writing course explores the dynamic forms and structures of composition beyond the classroom toward the purposes of professional publication and presentation.

Students will learn Middle English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

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We will emphasize the historical contexts in which these stories, poems, and plays were written, and we will examine a variety of critical postures with which to interpret these texts. During this course we will cover works of poetry, prose and drama from at least two different time periods; pre-modern and modern. Selected modern ;ersonal contemporary authors such as Dreiser, Fitzgerald, Personap Passos, Baldwin, Wright, Welty, Morrison, Bellow, Husseini, Oates, and Erdrich are studied in relation to the historical and intellectual background of their times.

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The poems you write will be carefully read and critiqued by both your classmates and the instructor. This course, conducted as a workshop, is for students who are interested in exploring fiction writing and discovering unique voices as storytellers.


This course is a study of the Bible in English translation: Lovecraft, Angela Carter, and others. Some representative authors are: In this course you will learn how to help others become better writers while improving your own writing and critical thinking skills.

We will consider various motives for writing and reading poetry, and various methods of reading it. Who is my neighbor?

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We will personaal such competing and synergistic concepts as Decadence, Symbolism, and Imagism, and the conceptions of modernity, the cultural politics, and the poetic techniques associated with them.

This course covers the core Artistic requirement, and is cross-listed as Catholic Studies, African Studies, and fulfills the Multicultural requirement of the English Major.

Why do we choose to read? This course is equivalent to ENGthe first credit-bearing course in composition.

Students will read and analyze nonfiction literary models, attempting to emulate the samples in their own writing. Some media sources are studied.

personal essay prewriting eng/220

In addition, the course assesses the role of the English language and the authors’ locations and target audiences in determining the reception of the literatures both at home and abroad; and it analyzes the cultural bases of contributing literary techniques, including structure, language, narrative focalization, and characterization among others.

Selected modern peersonal contemporary authors such as Dreiser, Fitzgerald, Dos Passos, Baldwin, Wright, Welty, Morrison, Bellow, Husseini, Oates, and Erdrich are studied in relation to the historical and intellectual background of their times.

These ubiquitous bits of paper make their way into literature as well—from the torn clue to the well-timed love note. A Reader ;rewriting Literary and Cultural Studies ed. Student writings include reports, proposals, memos, outlines, and abstracts.

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Students tutor adult learners, some of whom are native English speakers preparing for the GED or improving their literacy skills. In this introductory course we will explore how writers tease the reader with multilayered texts, rich in imagery, clever word choices, and interesting insights into human behavior. Akpan will integrate Ignatian Contemplation as a compositional practice–a way to be able to see more deeply into the characters, drama, and modes of storytelling.


The Victorian period in particular saw a sudden outpouring of paper and of paper litteras innovations in paper production coincided with the expansion of print media, advertising, and a nationalized postal service.

The course includes extensive readings of major literary figures whose works are the heritage of educated people.

This course, conducted as a workshop, will enable students to explore a fourth writing genre: Why does it matter? Students will learn the art and craft of writing fiction through a reading master writers such as James Salter, Kelly Link, Richard Ford, Donald Barthelme, Mary Gaitskill, and others to analyze their craft; b writing three original short stories; and c having these stories discussed and critiqued by the instructor and by fellow students in a supportive workshop environment.

personal essay prewriting eng/220

Writing is an integral component of the course. Dual listed with AFR The course examines the ideas, themes, and aesthetics in esaay by Prewrting Americans from the s to the present. Because it is writing-intensive, this course incorporates a variety of assignments that are specifically designed to help you become a better writer. If Marxism is distinct conceptually from other forms of social thought, the difference centers on the key notions of surplus value, modes of production, and class struggle, and early on in the seminar we will review these ideas, which are also problems.

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