Her gymnastics skills suffered, and she was unhappy to the point of losing the desire to live. I was cut off from making the small amount of extra money that had really made a difference in my family’s life. Currently that record cannot be broken due to new age requirements set by Olympics officials which require competing gymnasts to be 16 at the time of competition. It was when a very injured gymnast got a spectacular score, in the midst of excruciating pain. Comaneci continued to get better and she started to win her competitions regularly. She also holds the record for being the youngest Olympic gymnastics all-around champion ever.

Retrieved May 18, from Encyclopedia. Archived from the original on April 7, At her first Olympics she won 3 Gold medals, 1 Silver medal, and 1 Bronze medal. Jumping across the beam in a perfect split leap, Nadia gets ready for her dismount as she lifts up on her tip-toes. Have a great day and don’t forget, you’ll never succeed if you don’t try! Nadia is attempting to perform this routine without using her infected wrist at all, and is greatly succeeding.

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Gymnastics is a very technical sport and scoring a perfect 10 is not easy, especially in a compulsory event. In the spring ofConner traveled to Montreal to see her once again, this time to interview her for ABC. Views Essag Edit View history. But within five days last week Comaneci earned the She met Romanian-born Constantin Panait, a comaenci who lived in Florida, and learned that he helped people escape to America.


Nadia Comăneci

Continuing to throw some very graceful dance moves in between every perfect trick, Nadia bends her knees and flips through the air backwards as if it is the domaneci thing in the world.

Friday, 6 December Friday Facts: By the age of six, she was already hooked on gymnastics. InNadia was ready to compete in a Championships competition. I realize that our business relationship may have tarnished my name and image, but I rssay escaped from Romania, and that is truly what was most important. Gymnastics portal Biography portal. The judge raises their hand as a signal that Nadia can start.

New York Daily News. They charged that Panait, who was now posing as her manager, was a married man with children and that Comaneci was having an affair with him. Notify me of new comments via email. The government then essah her to train with Karolyi once again. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She said the Miami media was really not nice to her.

nadia comaneci essay

Her performance helped give the Romanians their first team gold medal. A serial based on her life was shown by Indian television in The group headed for the Austrian border and the American Embassy. This was such a monumental, record breaking and record making accomplishment within the sport of gymnastics. When Stefu died in a snorkeling accident, Comaneci moved to Norman. Archived from the original on April 2, From that position, she does a back walkover. Fortunately, it did not, but it definitely could have.


Retrieved April 6, The former Olympic star arrived in the United States overweight and heavily made up. Some of her old friends, including Conner and former Romanian rugby coach Alexandru Stefu, living in Montreal, began to think that she was in trouble.

I never questioned him. In the Olympics, she won two gold and two silver medals.

nadia comaneci essay

It was when a very injured gymnast got a spectacular score, in the midst of excruciating pain. Time Magazine, 5Retrieved from http: She trained with Karolyi eight hours a day, six days a week.

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Copyright The Columbia University Press. Her mother had previously visited her in the United States. He and his wife were looking for youngsters for the National Junior Team and he decided she had potential.

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