You will investigate how audio-visual film fiction is presented across the media, primarily in broadcasting and cinema platforms, but also in newspapers and magazines, the internet and portable electronic devices. Our final key concept of this introductory unit to A Level Media is Ideology. Ideologies that are told to us repeatedly by important social institutions such as the government or media are called dominant ideologies. A three-minute film will require extensive storyboarding – you may wish to share this out between two people. Remember to discuss with your partners what you expect your characters to wear, but make sure you do not use the same images! You’ll need to finish this for homework – due for the first lesson back after Christmas.

Period 3 – 13 Media Aim: Answers on post its please! Period 1 – Free Period 2- Aim: We will go through the PP and the actual exam brief together. Tuesday 22nd November – week 1.

We shall go through the PP together and share how this can be applied to own media texts. What do you reveal and make public? Setting — The setting between the police officers talking will be taken place in an office to make it more formal as it is a case which is being handed over to one of the officers. Lighting — The lighting that is going to be used will be low key during the scene where the police officers are talking to make the situation more discrete and intense rather than showing their full identity.

An example of this would also be at the start of the film where the man is stabbed on the train and getting robbed the group of people including Tsotsi, the cuts were used showing the expression on each characters face and also what they were doing.


Levi-Strauss suggested everyone thinks of the world around them in terms of binary opposites such as up and down, life and death etc. A detailed breakdown of the target audience for your film now you have jest some audience research: The opening scene of the film is Donnie riding his bike which is a memorable scene as there is an establishing shot of the area where Donnie brkef at and then it starts to focus on him throughout the whole clip.

Begin quiz Answer questions Good luck Aim: How is narrative theory applied to the text?

What films are on this week? The Pursuit of Happyness Trailer. While this is downloading we will look at the handout.

How Facebook changed the world Homework: Are there any clues on the website regarding the target audience? This will highlight both identities of the police officer and gang member. What have I discovered?

mest 2 coursework brief 2016

Ideology and your own choice of clip 2 Now do the same activity for a clip of your choice. The texts within the cross-media topic should be examined by applying the knowledge and undertanding gained through thte study of the media concepts introduced during the investigation of media platforms.

mest 2 coursework brief 2016

The key notes from today’s lesson on ideology and binary opposition: Info can be found here: Today you need to read those articles our Media Magazine archive is here and complete a few tasks linked to them. What do I want want to achieve? Or, is NDM simply and extension of the dominance of existing institutions? Tuesday, 5 January Audience research focus group. You’ll find guidance for setting out a script by visiting the BBC Writer’s Room click on the Script Library tab and storyboard sheets are available in DF07 alternatively you can access an electronic copy of an AQA storyboard sheet here.


MyMediaBuzz: November

Then try and apply the theory. Posted by Miss Fowler Media at Can anyone now have their say and get involved in politics using NDM?

mest 2 coursework brief 2016

You’ll bgief to finish this for homework – due for the first lesson back after Christmas. Focus on the following questions for each section: Any incomplete pre-production tasks.

AS Level Media Coursework Examples

I now want you to identify and explore news websites to see how this may provide evidence for the debate. You should study the production and reception of the film briec products including the ways in which audiences may select, consume and respond to film fiction and its coverage. Effects theory – factsheet and questions 10 Audience Pleasures: Complete for homework if you don’t finish it in the lesson – due next week.

If this happens have a back up.

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