Teacher, how can i find the intersection points in 3 b? Sir, can you please give me some example of the application of parametric equation in our daily life??? KHZ on August 31, at 1: I am not going to help in this part. Chan Chee Sam on July 4, at 7:

Why max is 1. ARe you from kl area. Smaster on October 26, at 4: You can refer the two pictures attached. I do the mathematical parts. Hello sir Thanks for the sem 1 guidence.

Please try to use the quadratic formula. Any equations that satisfy the Cartesian equation.

mathematics t coursework stpm 2016 term 2

Anonymous on July 7, at 4: Can you guide me some suggestions? And i never attend any meeting regarding the assignment. Question 3 A function g is defined bywhere.

After that you will get You can ask any kindergarten coursewogk, which is larger among 1 and 0?

STPM Mathematics (T) Term 2 Assignment | KK LEE MATHEMATICS

U r so disgusting cousework know? Hello sir Thanks for the sem 1 guidence. STPM Term 3. Ways to find the points of intersection will only be shown to my students. Best maths T teacher ever! Part a Calculate the time taken to fill up the container.


Stpm mathematics t coursework term 2 – Google Docs

Ain canti on August 31, at 1: Sir, for 2a2, how can u get the dvdy? Can i know the website you are using to plot the graph?

Will Shong on August 7, at OnnGusta on September 26, at 2: Matbematics it mean any parametric equations of curve as long as it satisfy the Cartesian equation? Introduction Parametric equations express a set of related quantities as explicit functions of an independent variable, known as a parameter.

STPM 2015 Mathematics (T) Term 2 Assignment

Sir,what should i write for an introduction for parametric equation? KHZ courseworo August 31, at 1: Different school teachers have different requirements. You need to form 3 equations. The time taken to fill the container should be longer. Sir,may I know how to get 3. Hai Sir… How to calculate the percentage shown in the 2 a ii.

STPM 2016 Mathematics (T) Term 1 Assignment

Please ask your friends or your teacher. Function Investigation A function is a relation whereby every input gives a unique exactly one output.


mathematics t coursework stpm 2016 term 2

By the way, thank you sir for sharing these solutions, thank you very much Reply. You can use any other ways to solve the simultaneous equations to find the points where the particles collide.

Teacher, may i ask the answer for question 2?

mathematics t coursework stpm 2016 term 2

And the curve in black is. If your teacher accept.

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