Traditional undergraduate dental education in India engages students in classrooms and laboratory settings during the first two years of their preclinical training, with the clinical subjects being introduced in the third and final year, followed by one year of rotatory internship [ 1 ]. Students who had completed preclinical prosthodontics examination were eligible to participate in the study. Lack of clinical exposure coupled with use of conventional methods of teaching were identified as reasons for difficulty in understanding the subject. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. In the first and second year, you were exposed to the basics in this subject. Discussion This study reveals challenges faced by the faculty and the students in teaching and learning of preclinical prosthodontics and includes their recommendations for improvement.

The group was reassured that contradictory opinions were welcome too. Demonstration of basic procedures could help in imparting better knowledge. Perception of the use of teaching videos in preclinical training of Chilean dentistry students Study Design Theoretical framework: Limitation The results of this study cannot be generalized.

The written and audio taped records were reviewed and transcribed in order to capture all the words and phrases. The present study highlights the need for change in instruction topivs to enhance the learning experiences in preclinical prosthodontics of dental undergraduate students in India. Lack of exposure to actual clinical situations.

Clinical simulation in teaching preclinical dentistry. Lack of interest during classes. Among them, three staff members had a teaching experience of more than nine years, three staff members had a teaching experience exceeding four years and remaining five staff members had a teaching experience of up to four years. Lack of Exposure to actual clinical situations: The students and the faculty felt that the subject of prosthodontics is vast, difficult to visualize and also difficult to correlate prosthovontics with practical aspects.


Faculty focus group discussion: Anatomical landmarks universitg be demonstrated in patients, clinical manipaal could be demonstrated in patients. It has been observed that when the students enter the clinical fields they are unable to recall important basic scientific concepts. Articles from Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: Find articles by Banashree Sankeshwari.

Manipal University Prosthodontics Thesis Topics

Introducing dental students to clinical patient care: Educ Health Abingdon ; 27 1: In our study, the recommendation for improving teaching learning of preclinical prosthodontics has been for early clinical exposure.

Preclinical dental education promotes development of competency and expertise before students work on patients, but this phase is devoid of exposure to real patients leading to challenges in teaching-learning.

Faculty focus group discussion guide. Analyst triangulation was also done with three faculty members who analysed the comments of the FGD so that data could be interpreted in multiple aspects. Video-based learning versus traditional method for preclinical course of complete denture fabrication.

The audio taped records were heard twice by the researchers to facilitate accurate interpretation of the recording and to ensure that minor details were not missed.


Clinical demonstration after theory class was preferred to enable the students to correlate the procedure to the lecture.

The results of this study cannot be generalized. The strength of the study exists in the conduction of a qualitative study ubiversity FGDs involving the important stakeholders like students and faculty.

The first question in the FGD for students probed the opinion of the students regarding the subjects. In this background, we wanted to mxnipal the perspectives of both faculty and students regarding challenges in learning prosthodontics at a preclinical level through qualitative research.

Manipal University Prosthodontics Thesis Topics

Suvinen TI et al. The faculty FGD had 11 participants. International Journal of Dental Clinics. Henzi D et al.

manipal university prosthodontics thesis topics

A clinically oriented complete denture program for second-year dental students. Modification of traditional teaching methods to improve learning.

Does exposure to a procedural video enhance preclinical dental student performance in fixed prosthodontics? The prosthodkntics and third question explored the faculty perception of difficulties faced by the students in understanding the subject. Materials and Methods This was a qualitative study based on phenomenology using FGDs to understand the phenomenon challenges in learning preclinical prosthodontics.

manipal university prosthodontics thesis topics

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