With the help of the Philippine government and collaborations between universities and pharmaceutical companies, the technology was transferred and smart use IP structures such as utility models and trademarks ensured its success. This is introduced into the aged sucrose and lagundi decoction compound. The average of diameter of the inhibition zones of each sample was taken called clearing zone CZ and the antimicrobial index AI was computed as the clearing zone CZ minus the diameter of the hole divided by the diameter of the hole. Trademarks, Utility Models Date of publication: Philippines IP right s: The first licensee for the lagundi tablet technology was Herbafarm, a Filipino pharmaceutical company which used lagundi grown from its own farms and at an in-house manufacturing facility at a DOST compound. Visit Us Contact Us.

Definition of terms Alternative for pesticides- also used for killing pests, which can have the same or better quantities of commercial insecticides yet, it is cheaper in value and preparation. The company took this award back home and used it extensively in advertising and developing awareness, and it helped change the opinions of medical professionals and skeptical consumers. Members of this project poured over the records of the Department of Health to find out the leading cause of morbidity at the time. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours The parents of the researcher for their inspiration, as well as financial and moral support.

This is done through isolating the active ingredient and then developing the associated drug.

Flower oil did not show any activity against S. Statement of the problem Specifically, it would answer the following questions: Nelia Leavds and Dr. Long and detailed testing of each of the plants ensued, and NIRPROMP identified ten plants that were scientifically validated as safe, effective and sustainable. She would like to know whether Lagundi leaves extract would be an effective ingredient to kill these insects. The number of sprays of each of the three replicates is also papwr to four sprays only.


From Herbal Folklore to Modern Medicine

Dayrit suspected that one of the main reasons why these active ingredients were never commercialized into a product was because consumers were generally unaware of the plants from which they originated and how the ingredients were prepared into an herbal drug. Many of them expressed interest and as such in PCHRD developed and announced a non-exclusive licensing agreement system.

Then, she sprayed the Lagundi extract to the cockroaches. An earlier analysis of essential oil of V. Verbenaceaeis an important medicinal plant found throughout Leave.

Above all, to our almighty God who gives knowledge, wisdom and strength to overcome the trials during the conduct of the study. Sucrose is then dissolved in the prepared decoction using a turbine mixer, after which the compound is aged for about three days. Therefore, the researcher is trying to find out whether the extract of the Lagundi leaves would effectively kill papfr and can help eliminate these harmful insects.

Using Soxhlet extractor five successive extracts from dried and powdered leaves were also taken.

lagundi leaves research paper

After she placed the pounded leaves in the mortar and pestle, she placed it on a sieve to separate the extract from the pounded leaves. Leavds example, while leaves are commonly used to ease headaches and cleanse ulcers, seeds are used to treat skin diseases. CNS activity of Vitex negundo L. The pounded leaves were placed on a fine cloth to get the excess pure extract. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

lagundi leaves research paper

This study aims to investigate whether the extract of Lagundi Rwsearch negudo linn leaves would be a good alternative pesticide to kill insects that are carriers of germs that would harm us humans, specifically cockroaches. Lagundi has a single thick, woody stem like a trunk and is usually seen in swamps of the Philippines. It is also blended in with cough medicines and other herbal remedies. Open in a separate window.


From Herbal Folklore to Modern Medicine

These said germs are found in insects that live on dirty places in our surroundings, commonly cockroaches. Antibacterial Studies of Vitex negundo Linn. In FebruaryTrevenodd Corporation Trevenodda newcomer to the industry, applied for a trademark registration for its Plemex brand lagundi cough medicine, which was registered in August of that same year.

There are some goodies for you to explore. The average of diameter of the inhibition zones of each sample was taken called clearing zone CZ and the antimicrobial index AI was computed as the clearing zone CZ minus the diameter of the hole divided by the diameter of the hole. The researcher is finding a way in eliminating these insects in an affordable way that everyone can afford and can also have the same affectivity as of the commercial ones and which is also safe to use.

Lagundi is a shrub commonly found in the Philippines, which is abundant in our country. The chemical compositions of the essential oil have been presented in Table 1.

Yellowish oil so obtained was separated from the distillate with the help of hexane and dried over anhydrous MgSO 4. We will write a custom paper sample on Herbal Medicine specifically for you. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

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