Type Poster Oral Keynote speaker. We previously showed that herbaceous wetlands continue to be lost at an alarming rate despite protections offered by the Clean Water Act Altor et al. Use of the first name can help make sure the letter goes to the correct person in cases where there is more than one person with the same last name. I look forward to hearing from you. I so not see any harm in requesting the same reviewers; however, the Editor may or may not grant your request, and keep in mind that those reviewers might not currently be available. The cover letter should be concise. And the staff first shot for more than half a month without editing and processing the number of emails before the editor, followed by a long with editor one month after the trial for three days, then a long wait for the editor to decide that the minor repair the next day isA long wait

Please leave your comments and questions below. Here, we expand on that work to discuss carbon storage in emergent wetlands and the important role these ecosystems play in the context of climatic change. Your prediction for next year: However, if you want to be completely consistent, then you can prepare the cover letter in the style required by the journal. Show Review in Original Language 2 Thank wanghj29

How to write a great cover letter for a scientific manuscript

Best wishes with your submission, and feel free to reply with any additional questions! Bader, editor, October 11th under review, and then has not been moving, more than three months, very test people’s patience.


Usually give a major repair, no more minor repairs, it is recommended to receive. Lettef speed should still be acceptable. The cover letter must be well written and free of spelling and grammar errors.

jmmm cover letter

I feel they can evaluate better as they are aware of the subject. Avoid presenting numeric details and other highly specific results unless they are essential to your conclusion. The editor is very motivated, and each time he has just returned to the ten minutes, he will submit a review.

Does this answer your question? This section should show that you have made a well-informed choice when selecting the target journal for your manuscript. Physics Duration of Peer Review: Dear Mazin, Thank you for your comment. The content shown here is based on the voluntary contributions of your peers in the scientific community.

I sent the e-mail twice to ask the editor, but Jmmmm still couldn’t receive the reply, which is hard to understand. There are no conflicts of interest. On the other covre I have a question regarding citations: IBCM Registration form. Many journals invite or require authors to list recommended peer reviewers for their manuscript and to mention any individuals they would strongly prefer NOT to review the manuscript e.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I am currently writing a cover letter and I would like to include a citation. I met an expert in this field. The first jkmm is more inclined to experiment, and the second reviewer is more inclined to simulate. It is important and advantageous to let the editor know when the work you are submitting is a continuation of previous work or builds on earlier findings. I have learned a lot from your guide lines on the subject.


jmmm cover letter

Organization Fee Student Regular Keynote speaker. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. If a journal does not require a formal cover letter, it is still in your interest to take this opportunity to let the editor know why you have selected his or her journal for your paper and to make a case for considering your manuscript.

I personally feel that this submission experience is good, I am very happy with my first article. However, before submitting the same, I have checked the manuscripts in different softwares for better expression.

How to write a great cover letter for a scientific manuscript • Precision Science Editing

Thank you for sharing your insights with us. Both people are involved in reviewing your paper and both will want to know that their questions or concerns have been addressed.

jmmm cover letter

Dear Li Mei, Thank you for your comment and for your question about whether to use a period full stop after the abbreviation for Doctor. Thank you also for your question about citations in cover letters. A little different from most people, my article found two reviewers and gave advice. Please, send us the copy of principal pages of your passport max 5mbletteg formats: Now, introduce your manuscript with a great cover letter.

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