Does anyone know whether McLean contacted anyone at CRU to discuss the errors he thought he had found? October 23, at My preferred method and what we do at Berkeley is compute before and after QC. October 23, at 4: The Gridded data, which combines data within a grid cell https: Even students can see the university’s priorities are skewed incorrectly. If this occurs right across the university imagine the savings that could be made with better planning and organisation.

Chopping and changing flights and booking at the last minute drastically increases costs. The oceans are preparing: Write to the Chancellor. The one built by ClimateBall contrarians lacks constructiveness. Yet, quite regularly, there are new positions created and occasional appointments made without a serious competitive processes. Table 1 of the paper shows a warming rate of 0. Also her and other managements insincerity and dismissive remarks about number of letters in relation to university staff numbers overall.

James Cook University may want to have a second look at its procedures for awarding PhDs. The first time they posted code 1 guy found some bugs, same with GISS and clear climate code. Yes we caught it in Berkeley We apply a bunch of QC. Yet it jcy a long established legal principle that the supplier does bear a burden of responsibility for the harms arising from use. What’s also just basic is that raw data ain’t observations, and those who raise concerns about adjustments scratch their own itch and do their homework.


You can be pretty confident this does not catch all bad values 2. The next part of the thesis suggests that the observed warming is a consequence of a combination of ENSO events and changes in cloud cover.

NONE of these bugs change the answer materially, but the quality of the code does improve.

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If 60 of this is one station, the other 10 would total All in all, the Contrarian Matrix is about building a network of distrust. The university jdu be more transparent with its appointments. Just as the printing and copying possibilities are endless, so are the means to these ends.

jcu thesis binding

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Looking deeper I see how the 80C slipped through. Yet, quite regularly, there are new positions theiss and occasional appointments made without a serious competitive processes. Victor Venema VariabilityBlog says: ThinkProgress – Medium likhipa inhlanzi emanzini.

jcu thesis binding

Does anyone know whether McLean contacted anyone at CRU to discuss the errors he thought he had found? You can be confident it removes some good values.

Staff and Students Write to the Chancellor to Ask for a Fair Offer

Not as something heretical that could lose you your job. Comments John O’Reilly said on Recent Campus stories Believe it: Graham Readfearn likhipa inhlanzi emanzini.

What do these four nations have in common? I pointed out one of his errors on Judiths. The current pay offer seems unlikely to remedy this situation. One science and engineering group not a department, the stink of consultants is thick on that onea physical sciences group not a department, again consultants four physicists they got rid of Ridd no geoscience group. JCU is an ultra-conservative, slow moving work setting.


If the fact that the copy center is both inexpensive and convenient is not enough to lure students in, the Copy Center staff has more to offer. The Very Reverend Jebediah Hypotenuse says: I do not think his work disproves AGW, just clarifies that more work needs to be done.

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It has been left to others to quantify the impact of incomplete data, inconsistencies, questionable assumptions, very likely data errors and questionable adjustments of the recorded data.

Yet we also know that there is an excursion that is quite large and operates at very long correlation lengths, and that has to do with ice-age cycles.

You can accept or reject jvu explanation for the Thesid exceptionalism, but either way the contrast is well presented. If you really want to read the thesis, you can download it here. October 21, at 3: October 21, found it.

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