There are a number of times when people get call for paper and they are prepared to pen down the journal which is really sad because the kind of talent and knowledge they have they can do it but due to some negligence and issues the journals are turned down and not selected. In the present century, the differences between normal and people with Learning Disabilities become As Wireless Sensor Node WSN and high energy laser based ultrasonic approach are available in the recent techniques, Train Automation TA can be resourcefully done for managing train parameters and monitoring any abnormal conditions in real-time without delays and accidents. Climatic variability in terms of changes in temperature and precipitation pattern and their extremity pose a threat to the ecosystem and its services and therefore should be analysed in the past and present scenario to predict the future climate. It is found that the efficiency of the PIFA proposed at each bands are Prediction based tracking schemes has been followed here to achieve reductions in energy dissipation from the sensor nodes.

A hydrocarbon reservoir can have resistivity perhaps 10 to times greater. The Applications of Causality in the Philosophy of Descartes more. The statistical community includes both female and male students of Rasht’s pre-university level. To achieve this objective, a questionnaire need be developed and the responses from construction companies will be analyzed, and interviews with project managers were conducted to further supplement and substantiate the survey results. It is rapidly getting worse; leaving the biggest impact on adults of working age in developing countries. This paper deals with the performance, analysis of, operating principles of a new generation of power electronics based equipment called Distribution Static Compensator D-STATCOM aimed at enchancing the reliability, and quality of power This has caused the global mean temperature to rise by about 0.

Due to weak privacy settings, users become vulnerable to SMs attacks such as information leakage, identity theft, cyberbullying, online harassment etc. Your journal should maintain the standards to qualify itself to be peer reviewed. Vol 10, Issue 3. The problem associated with harnessing solar power mainly comes This paper discusses the functions of TADS, the prior works carried on it and enumerates the desirable effects of adapting TADS in the firms to make their supply chains more responsive in order to survive in the contemporary market scenario.


The controller used is PI Controller reseafch both loops.

The character images were, originally, based on 20 different fonts and each letter within these 20 fonts was randomly distorted to produce a file of 20, unique stimuli. Object tracking is mainly used to track certain objects in its detection area and to report their location to the application users via base station, periodically. Vincent Antony Kumar Publisher: Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction Clean water is absolutely essential for healthy living.

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Real life data mining approaches are interesting because they often present a different set of problems for data miners. Differential pulse polarography,cyclic voltammetry,millicoulometry and controlled potential electrolysis were used for the determination of reduction potentials and electrode mechanisms. Because direct-drive permanent-magnet machines are more superior in terms of the energy yield, reliability and maintenance problem, different promising permanent-magnet machines proposed in literature are also discussed to find suitable generator type.

Cloud Based Apartment Management System more.

An alumina-water nanofluid with variable volumetric concentrations of nanoparticles is simulated to demonstrate the applicability of the model.

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Characterization of Faba bean Vicia faba nodulating rhizobia from producing areas around Ambo and their effect on growth and nitrogen nutrition of the plant [ Full-Text ] Wakjira Bekele Tufa and Asefa Keneni Negasa Biological nitrogen fixation with symbiotic relationship between Rhizobia and leguminous plants is considered to be very efficient in supplementing or replacing the chemical nitrogen input in the agricultural system.

There are a number of things that has to be mentioned during the writing and most importantly as we all know good writing is about seventy percent research and thirty percent writing. Vol 10, Issue 2. Moreover, in comparison with a simple rectangular shaped antenna, the proposed design enhances the bandwidth and improves input return loss. The uncertainty components for the performed measurements have been evaluated and introduced in the paper. Finally, two subset of gravel roads and three subsets of tar roads were simulated to check the developed systems which provide overall completeness, correctness, quality, redundancy and RMS 0.


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The available ones are too old and out dated for an effective information base for planning. However, these moored offshore structures are subjected to wave forces especially the swell effects in offshore Nigeria.

Metal forming processes is finding increasing acceptance as a manufacturing process for various engineering components. The transmitting dipole emits a low frequency electromagnetic signal both into the overlying water column and downwards into the seabed. Emulsifier is a stabilizing agent of the emulsion and a kind of surfactant.

The results show that female students have better results in 6 index attention to environment, membership in NGOs ,interested in Ecotourism, Environmental knowledge, be agree with passing environmental acquaintance and be agree with passing environmental courses.

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Fishing in the river and work in a paddy filed irrigated with Banghsi river water causes irritation and skin disease. The main aim of this re exploring is to consider the relationship between child rearing styles and identity methods. Our work is centered on the following wavelet families Daubechies, Coiflet, Symmlet, Biorthogonal and Reverse Biorthogonal.

This paper examines and analyses the energy billing in a deregulated economy in terms of its benefits for sustainable development especially for its capacity in eliminating subsidies, improvement in public financing and sale of assets.

The Kinetics of oxidation of 1, 2-propandiol by tripropylammonium fluorochromate [TPAFC] has been studied Spectrophotometrically catalyzed by sulphuric acid in aqueous acetic acid medium in the temperature range K. IEEE accepted the specification for To achieve a productive model, the operation processes need to be modeled, the model have to be properly packaged and the results thereafter should be compared and verified with other conventional models to prove validity.

ijser org online research paper viewer

Zinc calcium titanate pellets were prepared by solid state reaction method and studied its structural, electrical and dielectrical properties.

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