Thus, as early as , Einstein and others realized that the equations of general relativity did not describe a static universe. The nature of the mysterious dark energy that causes this acceleration is not yet known. Velocity units should be in kilometers per second. Conversely, a high estimate implies a rapid expansion and a relatively young universe. For these, Hubble used the mean velocity of the 22 galaxies and estimated their mean distance from their mean observed brightness; this mean value, shown by the cross in Fig.

This empirical finding strongly supports the theory that the universe began with an explosive big bang see cosmology. The Friedmann and Lemaitre papers were not yet well known or broadly discussed in How fast are we traveling through space?? The small deviation from linearity, seen at large distances in Fig. In two teams at the Carnegie Observatories engaged in measuring Hubble’s constant by different methods reported converging findings on the age of the universe. Hubble’s original value for the expansion rate was between five and ten times too large because he underestimated the distances to the galaxies.

The high-Z supernova search: Current estimates place the age of the universe at around Velocity—distance relation among extragalactic nebulae 1. A low Hubble’s constant implies that the universe is expanding slowly and therefore must be very old to have reached its current size. It is difficult to imagine that only 90 years ago, we did not know about the existence of most of lae universe around us.

Hubble’s law was deduced from observations that indicate that the more distant a galaxy, the greater its red shift and hence the greater its velocity relative to the Milky Way. This was mainly due to a wrong zero-point calibration of the standard candles used at the time.


Another analogy often used and maybe even clearer is that of a raisin cake expanding as it bakes, so that the raisins galaxies gradually all move away from each other.

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Hinshaw G, et al. Freedman WL, et al.

Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. What makes this plain-looking graph astonishing is the far-reaching implications of the observed trend: Hubble’s law Proposed by Edwin Hubbleit claimed a linear relation between the distance of galaxies from us and their velocity of recession, deduced from the red shift in their spectra.

Hubble E, Humason ML. Hubble distances are routinely used in astronomy to measure distances to galaxies from their relatively easily measured spectroscopic redshifts and even from their photometric redshifts obtained from multiband imaging surveys. New data to be expected in the near future may modify the significance of the present investigation or, if confirmatory, will lead hubbkes a solution many times the weight.

hubbles law essay

Uber die Krlimmung des Raumes. Mystery of the missing text solved. Retrieved May 16, from Encyclopedia. Returning to the image of the expanding universe as a balloon inflating, alw tiny dots are painted on the ballon to represent galaxiesthen as the balloon expands so the distance between the dots increases, and the further apart the dots the faster they move apart.

The Hubble Expansion

For example, a red shift of 0. Following back logically, like a movie played in reverse, it must ultimately have had some beginning when it was very tiny indeed, an idea which gave rise to the theory of the Big Bang. An accurate determination of the age of the universe has also been enabled from the precisely measured Hubble Constant, when combined with the cosmological parameters above, to be Thus the velocity of any given galaxy is measured by its red shift.


The linear relation observed at small distances starts deviating from linearity at large hubbbles due to the specific cosmology of the universe, including the cosmic mass density whose gravity decelerates the lwa and the hkbbles and nature of the dark energy which accelerates the expansion. How many stars are there? In two teams at the Carnegie Observatories engaged in measuring Hubble’s constant by different methods reported converging findings on the age of the universe.

Freedman, estimated the age at 9—12 billion years.

The Hubble Expansion

Then, inhumanity suffered a eszay blow esszy its pride when Curtis Shapely revealed that we were not even the center of the galaxymerely part of some unremarkable suburb of the Milky Way although it was still assumed that the Milky Way was all there was. Although the expansion rate is constant in all directions at any given time, this rate changes with time throughout the life of the universe.

Such “red shifts” could occur because other galaxies are moving away from our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

hubbles law essay

Hubble was fortunate to use the most powerful telescope in the world at that time, the in. The nature of the easay dark energy that causes this acceleration is not yet known.

Betoule M, et al. Velocity units should be in kilometers per second.

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