Basically the answer is no. Make sure you agree with these two people on the topic. Imagine you would have to upload the presentation to slideshare. How should the final binding look like? Just make sure, that your supervisor supports this idea. A bachelor thesis should not exceed 40 pages. Can I change the title of my thesis after the application?

Social Media Analysis based on user interaction and posts App-World: Possible topics of supervision might take place in the fields of:. Every professor demands different things before signing your application. This depends on your study program and can vary between Bachelor and Master Thesis. There is no single answer to that question. Following leads with advertising approaches General Marketing Topics Listening is the new asking: The second supervisor should have been involved in teaching at HTW Berlin in the last semesters.

Htw bib bachelor thesis –

Make sure that you get in touch with those colleagues early. Make sure that you get the signature at least two weeks before the final date of turning in the application form.

The earlier you rhesis your signature… the better. Every study programme defines different frames for that question. It is a wise idea to talk to your target supervisor some months before the actual application needs to be turned in.

RWTH AACHEN UNIVERSITY – Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule – English

Hierzu bitte vorher die Daten mit mir austauschen. It would be good to define things at the start. Talk to your supervisor about the desired way of citation. Try to highlight things in a different context. Please check the requirements of your specific programme first.


Please take this into consideration when formatting your work. There is no single answer to that tjesis.

htw bib thesis

You officially have to turn in the thesis in a digital format. You are supposed to present your work in minutes.

Is every page information complete? Right from the start of your research you should collect your sources in a professional reference management software application like endnote. More on citations to be found on http: A good choice for the text part is a so called thssis font, where on letter is leading you to the next one. Possible topics of supervision might take place in the fields of:.

Other supervisors might emphasis on different issues.

Es ist jedoch keineswegs eine Voraussetzung. Also cite the sources you have been using; List of references at the end; Links A printed handout for every member of the commission in a readable format; 2 slides per page are a good choice so that the members of the commission can put notes right into it Bring some water for you to drink Bring a pen because you might need to sign some things Did you test your presentation with a projecting device beamer?


English can be chosen even for the german studying programmes.

Fit for the bachelor thesis

Something ntw at the moment may look strange in the future. See you study programme regulations for this issue. Some study programmes allow you to start writing a thesis when you only have a small amount of credit points open.

htw bib thesis

It might look different. Try to find out which exact style is demanded for your discipline or the specific publication you plan to turn thssis your work. How do you create attention at the start?

So please refer to your individual study regulations. Everyone who wrote about web2. Wenn die Liste voll ist, werde ich Ihnen dies mitteilen und keine weiteren Zusagen mehr erteilen. What is the maximum number of pages for a thesis? How many students can be accepted by one professor?

Mit dieser Thsis versuche ich, Ihnen den Start zu erleichtern und viele der wiederkehrenden Fragen zu antizipieren. What do I need to bring for the colloquium? Es kann durchaus sein, dass ich Sie an einen Kollegen weiterempfehle, wenn ich glaube, ghesis es besser passt.

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