Four spacing are used between the chapter number and title, and between the title and the first line of text. Significance and implications of the research conducted on the field of study must be stated. The study implicates that the use of problem-based learning module PBL can enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning in Biology. Was the normality test analysis was conducted and what were the results. So, it needs to be given a number page like A1, A2, A3 until A

An instrument that was created by researcher must go through a certain consideration in terms of its validity, reliability, objectivity refer to subjective assessment , and usability. Some exceptions are made for students submitting in the fields. Page numbers should be placed at the right side on the upper ledge, namely Double spacing used between sub-section of titles and the first line of text of that particular sub-section. When, where and who was involved in the implementation of the pioneer study. How researchers gather research data. Implikasi kajian menunjukkan penggunaan modul pembelajaran berasaskan masalah PBM dapat meningkatkan keberkesanan pengajaran dan pembelajaran Biologi.

Descriptive analysis describes the level of critical thinking of the students while inferential statistics which involved a t-test and a Pearson correlation analysis to explain the differences and relationships between the studied variables. If more, the quotation should be aligned and written with its page number.

English Language abstract Four spacing are used between the chapter number and title, and between the title and the first line of text.


Objective writing needs to be in the form of verbs, related to the field and their respective research level.

Upsi Thesis Guideline

Format Thesis format thesis Sample Pages. When, where and who was involved in the implementation of the pioneer study. Error doming voluptua eam et. For the second and subsequent paragraph, the first line of each paragraph should be aligned about 1. The findings showed that there were improvement in achievement for both treatment and control groups, where the treatment group has gained significantly higher achievement.

Arial font, saiz 11 Analisis deskriptif menjelaskan tahap pemikiran kritis pelajar, manakala statistik inferensi pula melibatkan ujian-t dan ujian korelasi Pearson yang menerangkan perbezaan serta hubungan antara pemboleh ubah kajian.

The findings should be parallel with research questions. Dapatan kajian juga menunjukkan terdapat peningkatan tahap pemikiran kritis pada kedua-dua kumpulan rawatan dan kawalan dengan kumpulan rawatan memperoleh peningkatan pencapaian yang lebih tinggi daripada kumpulan kawalan secara signifikan.

An veri vocent nam, alii deseruisse pri an. Contoh format tesis yang menggunakan document map.

Upsi thesis guideline

Name of the University; and iv. Amal fardu kifayah dan amal fardu ain dapat dijadikan sebagai bekalan yang akan manusia bawa apabila telah mati kelak’ ms. One copy of the compact disc CD together with a hardbound copy to be kept in the University’s library. If necessary, this framework could also be presented in the form of diagrams. To get more details on the spelling and abbreviations, students are encouraged to refer to ‘Gaya Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka’ 1.


Contents Page Compulsory Numbered with small Roman numerals Why that method was used. Data collection method in which it could be one single method, mix-method or even multiple methods. Appendices, such as questionnaires or letters; and vi. Introduction The following guidelines are offered to help graduate students meet the Library’s requirements for depositing. Alii meliore omittantur at nec, mei debet reprehendunt te.

Data dianalisis dengan menggunakan analisis deskriptif dan inferensi. Simulated counter-current adsorption processes: Failure to do so will result in cancellation of Viva Voce oral examination from being carried out.

format thesis di upsi

Formulate major contribution of the related researches and the materials referred for the study to be conducted. Skip 1 line for a new paragraph and it has to be justified.

format thesis di upsi

Identify common topics, issues, or areas of focus, then provide the appropriate context for the literature review. Ribuan terima kasih kepada semua dan Industri Kreatif yang pensyarah telahSains Fakulti memberikan ypsi dan dan Matematik tunjuk yang ajar,membantu.

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association 6th ed. Mood management across affective states. Objective of the Study The objective of the study should be specific, measurable, accessible, realistic and suitable with the duration of the study. The letters that make up the information on the hardcover must be in gold.

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