I used a volt meter and checked voltage at the plug where the brush attaches and got no reading. I have a Dyson DC07 and the brush is not spinning when reclined. Full size vacuums Upright corded vacuums engineered to clean across all floor types. Had a look at the DC24 recently and realised that the brush roller at the drive end and clutch were causing the roller to wobble about like a bandy knee. DC33 – Looking at the Dyson from the front, wash the filter at the bottom right of the machine and also the HEPA filter underneath the bin. The brush bar turns by hand, but not when the motor is running, even fully reclined. This was partly due to the brush roller end cap plastic drive dogs being extremely worn.

And clutch stripping instructions are here: Remove the handle and tap the small hose to the left and it should switch over to the main hose, problem solved for now. This is a serious and very very poor design fault using cheap and nasty materials not fit for purpose. The only course of action is to replace the entire filter if your suction is good when the filter is removed. This suction checklist below is mainly for upright Dysons as suction problems on the cylinder models are very easily solved. Or possibly a micro switch.

The Brush Roll Won’t Turn – Dyson DC04, Dyson DC07 and Dyson DC14

I was able to turn it off then back on and it would start again, only to stop after a few seconds. Angus Black on October 15th, at 6: Unless you are quite experienced with this stuff, I would give that one to a local Dyson specialist to fix.


Disconnect the handles at each point to determine where the blockage is. Leave this anti-spam trap empty.

dyson dc04 problem solving

DC01 and DC02 replace both filters. Occasionally it will if you hold the handle at a certain angle. I am not a big fan of hand-helds, they are not built like Dysons were. You want either a new clutch or a clutch refurb. If the machine has no suction at the lower hose, you must check the carriage mechanism where the valve cover lifts out from to make sure it is switching over when the machine is reclined.

Suction problems are mainly due to blockages or dirty filters. I have a DC14 and my brush actually turns — at least, until it hits the carpet.

Hi I probblem a dc14 with the beater bar not turning. When you put the handle back into your Dyson looking from the back you should see a small hose to the right that moves across, if not it may be stuck in the base position. Removing the filters to test the suction does not always work!

Angus Black on October 30th, at 4: I have taken the roller dysom and checked for blockages on the roller and edges but as I say it is new, so it is hardly dirty.


Kirsty Fox on October 14th, at Have Dyson fix it under warranty make the most of that as its only 2 years long on hand-helds. Or possibly a micro switch.

Dyson vacuum cleaner suction problems troubleshooting – not picking up

Its a question you will find the answer to here: Did Dyson keep the direct drive of the roller brush. I replaced the clutch and still no luck. Top rated Dyson products loved by you.

dyson dc04 problem solving

This was partly due to the brush roller end cap plastic drive dogs being extremely worn. Angus Black on July 23rd, at 4: DC14, brush roller not being driven.

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Shame on Mr Dyson! Was this obvious fault rectified in later production. Thanks for your time. I have followed all of the really useful advice above: Angus Black on May 24th, at 5: Angus Black on October 21st, at 4: But fitting it is not really an amateur job.

dyson dc04 problem solving

Angus Black on October 21st, at 4: Caren Quinn on January 17th, at 9: It also sometimes makes a loud clicking noise.

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