Was this obvious fault rectified in later production. Or possibly a micro switch. However, once I start to use the Dyson, the roller will stop again. Angus Black on March 8th, at 7: Is there a solution other than chucking the whole thing in the garbage? I replaced the belt but it burnt through straight away. If your answer is “It’s just a clear bin with nothing else inside it” you have solved your problem.

If you have a ball model or one of the later uprights such as the DC27, it could be the hose has not transferred over properly. Is it the clutch? It may be that you have trapped the belt when refitting. Angus Black on April 21st, at 9: I have a new Dyson Animal DC59 but the roller only works intermittently.

When it spins it spins very fast but then stops for no reason. Angus Black on April 21st, at 9: Peter on November 30th, at Now part dismantled and the belt from motor to clutch found broken.

If the handle is clear pull the Dywon off at the back of the machine, you should be able to put your fingers in each end and touch them.

dyson dc04 problem solving

Angus Black on March 8th, at 4: Angus Black on June 22nd, at 7: If I pull the soleplate front down again, it works fine until it pops back up. This suction checklist below is mainly for upright Soling as suction problems on the cylinder models are very easily solved.


And clutch stripping instructions are here: Pinging is currently not allowed. Unscrew the large blue dial near the wheel, open the wheel hatch and wash the round filter inside.

This is in the reclined position. Angus Black on October 21st, at 4: If you are testing it in the upright position then suction is diverted to the wand. Pictures will be coming soon as I understand this is solvig to follow.

The Brush Roll Won’t Turn – Dyson DC04, Dyson DC07 and Dyson DC14

My money is on the loom, it is this one: The roller will rotate if I move by hand the outside clutch knob, in to a certain position in the auto mode. Angus Black on July 6th, at 4: We don’t stop caring about our products once they’re yours. Angus Black on March 15th, at 7: But fitting it is not really an amateur job.

dyson dc04 problem solving

If you are still having problems with the suction on your Dyson vacuum after cleaning the filters then make sure the bin ec04 empty remove your filters and quickly test the suction from the handle it should take no more than 5 seconds of running to df04 this. Great article and thank you for taking the time to post it. A quick spray of wd and put everything back together and hey presto.


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I reclined it with it on carpet and still nothing. Dyson Spares – The Dyson Forums. Angus Black on March 8th, sooving 7: After toying around I find that the soleplate itself has a pivot where the brush bar is mounted and that after a few seconds of use the soleplate tilts the front up and vacuuming becomes impossible.

I have dysno DC14 and my brush actually turns — at least, until it hits the carpet.

Is it the clutch? Suction and pick up using the hose is fine.

I replaced the clutch and still no luck. Corrine oberts- on November 12th, at 1: The brush spins in both positions but there is no suction in the reclined position but with the the wand the suction is brilliant. This is a new lroblem for so we are in the process of adding new videos solvving so if your model isn’t available yet then check back or drop us an email.

I am not a big fan of hand-helds, they are not built like Dysons were.

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