Describe the study design, including the use of cells, animal models, or human subjects. Introduction Clearly state the purpose of the article. Number pages consecutively in the upper right-hand corner of each page, beginning with the title page. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Was the research designed to evaluate the effect of the intervention on the participants? State new hypotheses and recommendations when warranted by the results and label them clearly as such. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Metabolic and endocrine interrelations in the human fetus and neonate A Aynsley-Green. Use only standard abbreviations. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Note that Conflicts of Interest should be included after the Acknowledgement section. Online Supporting Material Supplemental material may be included with manuscript submissions. Coordinate with the Divisions of Vocational Rehabilitation, Public Assistance and Behavioral Health to provide staff training on disability programs, effective services and best practices related to employment of people with disabilities. Metabolic and therapeutic aspects of amino acids in clinical nutrition.

Please contact the Production Office for transfer information.

Program Coordinator I (Disability Employment Program Manager I PCN 06-0538)

Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission from everyone so cited and for providing to the Editor a copy of the permission, if requested.

The responsible author must agree to pay page charges when the manuscript is submitted for publication. Use active voice whenever possible. More information on the ATCC it is accessible at http: Designing statistically powerful studies while minimizing financial costs. Page or line numbers must be included to indicate where the checklist items are located in your paper. Egg consumption, cholesterol intake, and risk of incident stroke in men: Did the research involve human participants?


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Omit internal horizontal and vertical rules before submitting your tables. Effects of exercise on riboflavin requirements: Charges to Authors Page charges The responsible author must agree to pay page charges when the manuscript is submitted for publication. Infant nutrition and later achievement J Dobbing. Ability to maintain effective working relationships amongst various State agency officials, service providers and the general public.

Figure 1 For an illustrated figure quality checklist, visit https: Explain internal scale and identify the method of staining in photomicrographs. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

All letters will be subjected to editorial review and decision before acceptance. Senior and Disabilities Services. I acknowledge I understand this requirement.

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Use past tense when describing and discussing the experimental work on which the article is based. Social policy issues in the introduction of food to infants: The manuscript should be formatted as follows: Assist the ESD with establishing methods to measure and analyze costs, benefits and goal achievements of cpver Disability Employment Initiative.


Provide 1 or 2 sentences that explain the context of the study. Professional writing sample in addition to your cover letter. Infant physiology, nutritional requirements, and lactational adequacy R G Whitehead.

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The University of Chicago Press; Indicate whether variables were transformed for analysis. Image resolution Files at publication size must conform to the minimum-resolution specifications listed in the figure below.

Instructions to Authors

If you experience problems during the submission process, contact the AJCN manuscript office by email ajcnsubmit nutrition. Each legend should contain enough detail, including statistics, to make the figure lette without reference to the text. Data described in the manuscript, code book, and analytic code will not be made available because [specify reason]. Foreign authors are letter to have their manuscripts reviewed by a scientific colleague who is fluent in English so that the manuscripts will conform to US English usage and grammar.

cover letter ajcn

Symposia or workshop articles may be published as supplements to the AJCN and are funded by their sponsors. If there are 3 or more abbreviations used in the text, prepare an abbreviation footnote.

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