These theories are related to leadership and motivation issues identified in the leadership and motivation case study. After much consideration and research into the issues that were counterproductive for the company as a whole, management has decided to implement the following policies for the company as a whole:. Wiki Bank is a local bank with a small town feel. The compensation and salary programs are based on work effort and length of employment. By analyzing the lack of proper motivation using the ideas of expectancy theory, solutions will be identified to help resolve the issues and make the company productive again. Expectancy can be influenced by factors such as past successes, compentencies, interests, and situational constraints. She began working in the bank industry as a personal banker 20 years ago and worked her way up to branch manger.

From that perspective, expectancy theory can also be seen as a process theory Expectancy Theory, n. A new direction for Delta Pacific: Effects from Policy Changes Jessica: A good example is Jess. The company policy mandates that she completes 10 ad designs a day.

First, the pay scale is not based on the quality of work. Journal of Applied Psychology, 60 1 April is confused about what she can do to increase her promotion opportunities.

case study on vrooms expectancy theory

High April values being promoted and climbing the ranks would be very satisfactory for her. Vroom’s Expectancy Theory Wiki; This leads to the perception that the performance of quantity is better for the individual employee rather than studg production of quality. Edith as a manager could talk to April and tell her where she needs to improve in order to be promoted and help achieve her goals.


Those employees who are able to meet the output requirement of 5 a day will be rewarded. First, the pay scale is not based on the quality of work.

She works really hard and puts in effort but not being as successful as she would stuudy due to things she cannot change.

case study on vrooms expectancy theory

According to Nasri and Charfeddineby demonstrating correct work procedures and explaining how performance is evaluated, expectancies can be enhanced. Lauren local district manager Lauren is responsible for the overall campaign. An International Journal on Theory and Practice.

As now they have a reason to produce more good work. She can put in a lot of effort by producing all good work and fall behind, or she can slack on some and meet her quota. Instrumentality is the relationship between different outcomes and their probabilities Van Eerde If the belief of the employees is that the outcomes will not produce the desired result, motivation is not caze. April feels that by working hard she will perform well which is a key factor to climbing the ranks of the branch which is a goal for April.

Notify me of new comments via email. High April feels that by working hard she will perform well which is a key factor to climbing the ranks of the cas which is a goal for April. Susan values the position she has and feels positive when she is praised by management. She tries very hard not to show the other employees her frustrations however at times it does show.

Case study analysis: Vroom’s Expectancy Theory – Melissa Andrew

Journal of Applied Psychology, 60 1 With the artist, they have a quota that is not possible for them to adequately obtain. Brad measures performance by the quality and Paula, use quantity to measure performance. Another thing lowering the instrumentality of the employees is the lack of any reward for good work in stuvy timely fashion.


She works hard to complete the monthly and quarterly goals to reach the incentive pay. Fall – Expectancy Theory – Case Study. S uper M odels.

case study on expectancy theory of motivation

In order to drive casf motivational state of an employee it is essential that employers are consistent with their offered outcome and rewards systems Issac, Zerbe and Pitt HR assignment Help Case study: International Journal of Marketing Studies, 4 1 April is most highly rewarded by receiving promotions at work. Valence is defined by Van Eerde as all the possible affective orientations toward outcomes such as the attractiveness or anticipated satisfaction with outcomes.

As with Brad and Paula, both have the same goal and company measure of good performance, 10 good ads and websites a daybut both have a different personal idea of what is a good performance.

There are times when the explanation of the problem includes poor website creation or a result of sales reps not providing the information necessary for the website to function properly. Factors that motivate business faculty to conduct research:

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