LO4 Describe the stress experience and review three major stressors. LO6 Discuss two cross-cultural and three ethical issues in organizational change. See the assignment course link for the due date. LO5 Explain how to get messages across more effectively, and summarize the elements of active listening. Upload document Create flashcards. LO5 Apply the six structural approaches to conflict management and describe the three types of third-party dispute resolution.

Organizational Culture 30 Points. Also, if there isn’t a date available for the document use n. For written assignments, all work should be proofread, free of grammatical errors, include proper citations and be in accordance with American Psychological Association APA standards. LO1 Define organizational behavior and organizations, and discuss the importance of this field of inquiry. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. They shall analyze, synthesize, comprehend, and explain all components of the OB model and its relationship to the successful operation of modern organizations. Exams will be grouped as follows, and are not cumulative:

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Professors cannot drop students; this is always the responsibility of the student. Using the information you have gleaned from Chapter 14 and class materials, perform a cultural analysis of an organization of your choice.

Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating on an examination or trwnsformation academic work, plagiarism, collusion, and the abuse of resource materials.

Minimum points required for a specific course grade are noted on the above table.

Case Study for the Hilton Hotel Transformation – Case Study

LO3 Debate the organizational opportunities and challenges of globalization, workforce diversity, and virtual work. Incompletes will only be given in emergency or other extreme circumstances. Incompletes will be given in transfogmation class ONLY if a significant portion of the course has been completed and there is a documented medical or family emergency warranting the incomplete. LO7 Discuss cultural and gender similarities and differences in leadership.


The same textbook may also be available from an independent retailer, including an online retailer. DO NOT email any assignments to me unless specifically instructed to do so. LO2 List four categories of artifacts through which corporate culture is deciphered.

Tsudy is also a link to Blackboard Help tramsformation inside the course on the left-hand menu bar. LO5 Identify the organizational conditions and personal characteristics that support organizational politics, as well as ways to minimize organizational politics.

Grades for Exams will be posted the day after the availability period has expired.

MGTK Organizational Behavior

LO1 Describe the rational choice paradigm. If you do not have frequent and reliable access to a computer with Internet connection, please consider dropping this course or contact me your email and phone number to discuss your situation. This will give you your final average. Add casw collection s Add to saved.

case study 14.1 hiltons transformation

Leaders and supervisors rose to new ranks on the basis of experience and because of that ideology few people from outside the municipality were ever hired into middle and upper management.

If you have or believe you have a disability and wish to self-identify, you can do so by providing documentation to the Disability Support Coordinator.

case study 14.1 hiltons transformation

Help may include, yet is not limited to: This essay addresses the change in municipal management and organizational culture and its affects on the environment and community of Hilton. LO2 Discuss the four contingencies of power.


LO5 Describe and compare action research, appreciative inquiry, large group interventions, and parallel learning structures as formal approaches to organizational change.

case study 14.1 hiltons transformation

The available Course Outline in this Syllabus shows the basic schedule for the semester. Management Competency Journal 15 Percent: Growth also called for more soft services but because the majority of the management team came from the outside services, most emphasis was placed on infrastructure rather than social services.

Hilton’s Transformation Abstract Values and assumptions shared across an organization are referred to as the organizational culture.

Case Study for the Hilton Hotel Transformation

Percentage of each assignment as it contributes to your final grade: To calculate your final grade take your score on each assignment, multiply it by its percentage contribution to your overall grade and then total them. Course Overview and Description: Values and assumptions shared across an organization are referred to as the organizational culture. There will be no reviewing of previously graded material at the end of the semester.

This online presence includes: Hilton grew as a community and the city attracted more professionals. Christine Garza TTh

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