Use line types symbols, shading, and patterns to distinguish between data. Automata and Formal Languages b. A brief executive summary discussing the following should be presented in key phrases bulleted style: The group may choose another adviser in the event that their original adviser becomes unavailable upon the approval of the Department Chairperson. No heading is necessary. In special cases, inform and ask approval of the adviser and the panel of examiners for the changes that will be done on the topic presented and approved in the proposal. Appendices may include the following:

Also included are titles of the preliminary pages as well as the required forms. Members of the panel shall be recommended from the College Pool of Faculty by the research instructor and approved by the department chairperson. Click here to sign up. Researching Information System and Computing. Appendix pages should be numbered as continuation of the text. Spacing, Paragraphing and Indentions a. This will be the point list of items that will set the game apart from others and provide goals to which the subsequent documentation and implementation should aspire.

In particular, the following project requirements which students, advisers, and panel of examiners are expected to follow. OS that are essential in the actual project implementation, those should also be described. This may be but not limited to application development that focuses on software engineering processes or application design that focuses on effective testing procedure or a study on application capetone processes. It is expected that through this activity the students would be able to show their comprehensive knowledge in their respective field and at the same time be able to apply the concepts learned to their chosen field of specialization.


At least two years residency in the department and has served as a panelist.

Revised guidelines-ICS theses | Lien Nhoj Capule –

The committee suggested the following areas of study for theses and capstone projects: Acknowledgements should be expressed simply and tactfully. Faculty advisers should handle at most 7 group advisees at one term. For Information Technology the following areas are suggested: Tables, Figures and Plates a. Students should preferably work in peoject of three 3 members.

Capstone Project Ched Format

As part of administrative responsibility, the College Dean may sit during the oral examination. It shall be the duty of the adviser to see to it that the compliance matrix is prepared and contents therein are complied with. The student s in consultation with the Department Chairman shall choose an adviser from the College Pool of Faculty. All information including page numbers should be within the text area.

capstone project ched

pdoject Theoretical Framework This section will only be included in BSCS thesis, only when it is a foundation or theory based research. Expert Systems and Decision Support Systems; d. It usually shows the advancement of findings throughout time. Arrangement of Pages and its Contents Below is the list of parts, optional and necessary, that must be followed.

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All symbols shall be from an acceptable font. Signal Processing cged as Image Processing; i. Give each row and column a heading so the reader knows to what it refers.


An incomplete and improperly formatted will not be allowed for the oral defense. All figures must be placed immediately after the page where a particular figure number is mentioned.

The first will be on the presentation of their proposal which is on the second semester of their third year under the subject Special Project I. It summarizes everything about the project. Inserted pages numbered 10a, 10b, 10c, etc.

capstone project ched

The list of Figures and list of Tables including the page number where the Chedd and Tables are printed are important in helping readers locate the Figures and Tables quickly.

Text in figures and in tables must be readable, and the font size shall not be smaller than 9 point.

Capstone Project Ched Format

Log In Sign Up. Single-space should be used in tables with more than ten 10 rows, quotations with more than ten 10line captions with more than ten 10line captions with more than 2 lines and bibliographic entries.

Computer and Architecture h. Margins on other sides shall be two and a half centimeters or one inch. Undergraduate Research and Capstone Project Manual.

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