Problem Statements Trey Research identifies the following issues: You need to ensure that all of the email messages queued on Server3 and Server4 are delivered to the Internet as quickly as possible. The Send connectors are configured as shown in the following table. You need to meet the compliance policy requirements. All company executives are in a security group named Execs. Configure the centralized mail transport option.

All users are issued certificates from an internal certification authority CA. An in-place hold D. You need to identify which email message types can be archived by using a retention policy. The organization contains servers that have Exchange Server and Exchange Server installed. You plan to move all of the mailboxes to the new organization by performing a cross-forest mailbox move. Contoso has a single office in Dallas.

Which three cmdlets should you run next in sequence? The organization has two Send connectors. You need to ensure that the on-premises users can send email messages successfully to the Office users.

What should you recommend? The network contains six servers that have Exchange Server installed.

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You test the new certificate by using Outlook Anywhere from the Internet. Datum has an Exchange server organization. All of the other locations sudy one domain controller for their respective domain. You discover that Admin5 created two new mailbox-enabled users by using the New-Mailbox command.


Callers report that when they press a key to dial an external telephone number, they hear a message indicating that the intended destination cannot be reached. In the London office, set nycmail. Datum can open protected messages. Create an auto attendant and link the auto attendant to Fabbrikam.

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The server is configured to use a certificate that has a subject name of smarthost. Tag2 will be used to delete the email messages. On EX5, modify the replication partners for all of the public folders.

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To answer, drag the appropriate port or ports to the correct group of servers in the answer area. You need to ensure that all of the email messages queued on Server3 and Server4 are delivered to the Internet as quickly as possible. The servers have the following configurations: I thought there will be a lot of questions from this q dump and User1 has nine call answering rules.

The Montreal office has a site link to the New York office. Which message type or types should you identify? Publish the Autodiscover service of Tailspin Toys. Create a new sharing policy.


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All of the executives use smartphones that are managed by using a mobile device mailbox policy. In the Exchange Server organization of Contoso, create an organization relationship. The subnets are configured as shown in the following table. Users from Main1 report that when they connect to Outlook Web App, they receive a certificate warning message.

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All users are in a universal security group based on their department. Point the record to the virtual IP address of the Client Access servers. Which two configurations should you include in the recommendation? An Active Directory site named MainSite exists for the main office.

In each data center, a certificate from an enterprise certification authority CA is configured to contain the following: Technical Requirements The company identifies the following technical requirements: Datum plans to migrate to Exchange Server

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